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Unveiling Hamas in 2023

Funding, Palestinian Support, Ties with Turkey, and Military Strength

In 2023, the Palestinian militant group Hamas continues to play a significant role in the geopolitics of the Middle East, especially in its relations with Israel and Turkey. This article delves into the funding channels of Hamas, the level of support it enjoys among Palestinians, Turkey’s diplomatic stance towards Hamas, and the group’s military engagement with Israel along with an insight into its army’s size.

Hamas Funding in a Global Perspective

Hamas operates through a globally intertwined financial network, encompassing a blend of cryptocurrencies, cash transactions, and charity organizations. Countries like Iran and Qatar, alongside several charity networks, contribute to the financial backbone of Hamas, enabling it to pursue its objectives. Money funneled through underground channels in Gaza or encrypted digital currencies help evade the scrutinizing eyes of international financial watchdogs.


Palestinian Support for Hamas: A Rising Tide?

The extent of support for Hamas among Palestinians has shown variations over time. A significant uptick in support was observed in October 2023, post a military face-off with Israel, with 77% of Palestinians acknowledging Hamas’ stance. This marked a notable shift from a decade earlier when a survey indicated 57% support for Hamas’ efforts to deter rocket attacks against Israeli settlements.

Turkey and Hamas: A Unique Diplomatic Stance

Turkey’s diplomatic relations with Hamas stand distinct from many other nations. Unlike the US and the EU, Turkey refrains from labeling Hamas as a terrorist organization, extending a level of diplomatic recognition and support. Hosting members of Hamas on its soil and advocating for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian discord, Turkey underscores a nuanced foreign policy towards Hamas and the broader Middle East conflict.

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Hamas’ Military Escalade in Israel: A New Chapter

The year 2023 saw an aggressive military stance by Hamas towards Israel, embarking on a large-scale operation termed the “2023 Israel–Hamas war” on October 7. Utilizing a gamut of military assets including rockets, and land, air, and sea forces, Hamas aimed at marking its assertive position in the region. The conflict unravelled a new chapter in the long-standing Israel-Hamas discord, drawing global attention to the unfolding dynamics.

2023 Israel–Hamas war
2023 Israel–Hamas war

Delving into Hamas’ Military Size: A Growing Force

The size of Hamas’ military, often dubbed as a ‘mini-army’, has evolved over the years, bolstered by clandestine networks. Though the exact numbers remain elusive, it’s evident that Hamas’ military apparatus has grown more capable, posing a potent force against the significantly larger and more equipped Israeli military.

This comprehensive overview elucidates the multifaceted dynamics surrounding Hamas in 2023, offering a lens into the shifting sands of Middle Eastern geopolitics and the ripple effects resonating in the international arena.

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