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Morocco’s DGST Thwarts Major Terrorist Plot in Germany !

How Proactive Intelligence Saved Lives"

Morocco’s General Directorate for Territorial Surveillance (DGST) has successfully thwarted a significant terrorist plot in Germany by alerting German intelligence in a timely manner. The proactive measures taken by the Moroccan agency have averted a potential disaster in Germany.

On October 26, 2023, a report by Mohammed Zainabi highlighted the collaboration between Abdellatif Hammouchi of the DGST and Thomas Haldenwang of Germany’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV).

Abdellatif Hammouchi And Thomas Haldenwang
Abdellatif Hammouchi And Thomas Haldenwang

Morocco’s security forces have once again demonstrated their global reputation for effectiveness. A recent warning from the DGST about a person named Tarik S. S led to his arrest and neutralization by German police. He was apprehended in Essen, Germany, on October 24, after being active online from his residence in Duisburg.

The Moroccan agency informed their German peers that the individual was a former member of Daesh and had plans to carry out multiple attacks in Germany, including using a truck as a weapon. This information was corroborated by sources close to the investigation.


Earlier this year, in April, DGST’s Abdellatif Hammouchi met with BfV’s Thomas Haldenwang in Rabat to discuss strengthening the security ties between Morocco and Germany. The recent successful intervention by the DGST underscores Morocco’s commitment to global security.

Description of Morocco’s General Directorate for Territorial Surveillance (DGST)

The General Directorate for Territorial Surveillance (DGST) is Morocco’s premier intelligence agency, responsible for both domestic and international intelligence gathering, as well as counter-terrorism efforts. Established to safeguard Morocco’s national security interests, the DGST has gained a reputation for its effectiveness and vigilance, not just within the country but also on a global scale.

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Role and Functions

The DGST operates under the jurisdiction of the Moroccan Ministry of the Interior and is tasked with a wide range of responsibilities, including but not limited to, surveillance of potential threats to the state, counter-intelligence, and counter-terrorism. The agency is also involved in criminal investigations that have national security implications.

Global Partnerships

One of the standout features of the DGST is its international collaborations, especially with intelligence agencies from other countries. These partnerships have often led to the prevention of terrorist activities, not just in Morocco but also in other nations. The agency has been particularly active in sharing critical intelligence with European countries, including Germany and France, to thwart potential terrorist attacks.


The agency is currently led by Abdellatif Hammouchi, who has been instrumental in modernizing its operations and enhancing its global partnerships. Under his leadership, the DGST has been involved in numerous successful operations that have disrupted terrorist networks and prevented attacks.

Reputation for Effectiveness

The DGST has been lauded for its proactive approach to intelligence gathering and its ability to act swiftly on the information it collects. Its recent success in preventing a major terrorist attack in Germany by providing timely and accurate information to German intelligence services is a testament to its capabilities.

Future Outlook

As global security challenges continue to evolve, the DGST is expected to play an increasingly important role in both domestic and international security. Its commitment to maintaining strong bilateral relations with security services from other countries positions it as a key player in the international fight against terrorism.

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By consistently demonstrating its effectiveness and reliability, the DGST has established itself as a crucial component of Morocco’s national security apparatus and a valuable partner in global counter-terrorism efforts.


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