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A Glimpse at the Road Ahead With James Bond.

In the ever-evolving landscape of luxury grand tourers, Bentley stands tall as an icon of sophistication, performance, and timeless elegance. Now, a new chapter begins with the awe-inspiring Bentley Batur by Mulliner, a super-powerful two-seat grand tourer that redefines automotive luxury. As the successor to the illustrious Bentley Bacalar, the Batur represents the epitome of Mulliner’s artistry and ingenuity. Named after the serene Lake Batur in Bali, Indonesia, this exclusive masterpiece has already garnered immense admiration, with all 18 units being sold out prior to its official release. The Batur provides a tantalizing glimpse into the future of Bentley, showcasing a sleek hard-top coupé design, remarkable performance driven by an upgraded 6.0-liter, twin-turbocharged W12 engine, and a captivating vision of sustainable materials that will shape the Bentley of tomorrow. Join us as we embark on a captivating journey into the world of the Bentley Batur, where luxury and innovation intertwine to create an unparalleled driving experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Bentley Batur by Mulliner is the stunning successor to the Bacalar, named after Lake Batur in Bali, and embodies Bentley’s future design language for the forthcoming electric car era.
  • The Batur houses an upgraded 6.0-liter, twin-turbocharged W12 engine delivering around 740PS, representing Bentley’s celebration of the legendary petrol-powered grand tourer.
  • This exclusive masterpiece showcases cutting-edge design, with a minimalist aesthetic, angular grille, and elongated bonnet, setting the stage for a thrilling new era of Bentley’s design vision.
  • The Batur is a showcase of sustainability, featuring innovative materials like flax-based composites, sustainably produced leathers, and recycled yarn carpets.


The Bentley Batur by Mulliner: A Striking Vision of the Future of Luxury Grand Tourers

In the realm of luxury grand tourers, Bentley has always been synonymous with elegance, power, and prestige. Now, the renowned coachbuilder, Mulliner, takes the automotive world by storm once again with its stunning successor to the Bentley Bacalar – the Bentley Batur. This super-powerful, two-seat grand tourer is a testament to Mulliner’s craftsmanship and innovation. Named after the picturesque Lake Batur in Bali, Indonesia, the Batur has already captured the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide, being sold out even before its official launch, giving us a glimpse of the road ahead for Bentley.


The Bentley Batur signifies a new era of design language for Bentley as we venture into the electric car age. Limited to just 18 cars, each Batur is a true work of art, carefully handcrafted by Mulliner. Unlike its roofless predecessor, the Bacalar, the Batur features a sleek hard-top coupé design, showcasing a minimalist aesthetic that defines Bentley’s future style.

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While the exquisite design is captivating, the true magic lies under the gleaming bonnet. The Batur houses the most powerful expression ever of Bentley’s 6.0-liter, twin-turbocharged W12 engine. As the automotive world shifts towards electrification, the Batur stands as a celebration of the iconic W12 powertrain, delivering an unparalleled driving experience that pays tribute to the legacy of petrol-powered grand tourers.


The heart of the Bentley Batur beats with unprecedented power. The upgraded Bentley W12 engine roars to life, delivering an astonishing power output of around 740PS. This performance pushes the boundaries even further than the exceptional Bacalar, thrilling drivers with its dynamic capabilities.

As Bentley paves the way for a fully electrified future with its Beyond100 transformation journey, the Batur marks the first step in celebrating the W12’s remarkable power, torque, and refinement. The car is equipped with cutting-edge technology, including Speed-tuned air suspension, electric active anti-roll control, eLSD, four-wheel steering, and torque vectoring, all complementing the extraordinary engine performance.


The debut of the Bentley Batur marks a significant milestone in the story of Bentley design. Embodying the future vision of Bentley’s aesthetics, the Batur offers a sleeker, more minimalistic, and focused interpretation of automotive luxury.

The front and rear LED lights are intricately integrated, featuring narrower and more sharply defined apertures. The grille boasts a more angular, technical design, enhanced by contrast-painted three-dimensional elements for added visual depth. The elongated bonnet gives the impression that the car sits confidently on its rear axle, accentuating its muscular haunches and wide track. The famous Bentley grille receives an upright, confident interpretation, further contributing to the Batur’s commanding presence. Overall, the Batur’s design is a perfect fusion of form and function, designed to ignite excitement with every glance.


As the automotive industry shifts towards sustainability, Bentley leads the charge with the Batur, showcasing innovative and eco-friendly materials. High-performance composites made from flax offer a sustainable alternative to traditional carbon fiber, providing strength and lightness with a significantly lower environmental footprint.

The Batur also offers sustainably produced leathers, crafted with techniques that use less water and aldehyde compared to conventional tanning processes. Recycled yarn carpets further contribute to reducing environmental impact, while leather-like textiles derived from coffee roasting by-products add a touch of uniqueness to the car’s interior.

James Bond and Bentley: A Timeless Love Affair

In the world of espionage, one name stands out above all others—James Bond, Agent 007. Known for his suave demeanor, impeccable taste, and thrilling adventures, Bond has become a pop culture icon. While Aston Martin is the car brand most associated with the cinematic Bond, a lesser-known fact is that in the literary world, Bond’s heart belonged to Bentleys. Created by journalist Ian Fleming, James Bond first graced the pages of “Casino Royale” in 1953, and from the very beginning, his penchant for fast, luxurious vehicles was evident.

Bond’s Love for Classic Bentleys

Unlike his movie counterpart, the literary Bond was a true classic car enthusiast. In “Casino Royale,” his personal car was a pre-war 4½ Litre Convertible Coupé with an Amherst Villiers supercharger, painted in battleship grey. The addition of the supercharger was a nod to Charles Amherst Villiers, the gifted engineer behind the original ‘Blower’ Bentley, which Bond’s car was modeled after. Fleming chose the Bentley ‘Blower’ for Bond because he wanted the superspy to “use dashing, interesting things.” Little did he know that this decision would set the wheels in motion for a long-standing love affair between James Bond and Bentley.

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Charles Amherst Villiers, the engineer who supplied the supercharger for Bond’s first Bentley, was a friend of Ian Fleming
Charles Amherst Villiers, the engineer who supplied the supercharger for Bond’s first Bentley, was a friend of Ian Fleming

The First Bond Bentley: A 4½ Litre ‘Blower’

Bond’s first Bentley was a 4½ Litre ‘Blower,’ and it made appearances in “Casino Royale” and “Moonraker.” However, Bond’s penchant for action often led to unfortunate events for his beloved Bentley, and it was eventually crashed in both novels. Despite the setbacks, Bond cherished his Bentley, and in “Moonraker,” he replaced it with a two-year-old Bentley MkVI, adorned in battleship grey with a dark blue leather interior.

James Bond’s first Bentley was a 4½ Litre ‘Blower’, which ended up being crashed in both Casino Royale and Moonrake
James Bond’s first Bentley was a 4½ Litre ‘Blower’, which ended up being crashed in both Casino Royale and Moonrake

The Locomotive: Bentley R-Type Continental

Bond’s third Bentley, “The Locomotive,” made its debut in “Thunderball.” It was a special R-Type Continental with a one-of-a-kind angular two-seater convertible body crafted by Mulliner. Though some described it as “ungainly,” Bond loved it dearly and equipped it with an Arnott supercharger controlled by a magnetic clutch. This addition was unofficial and frowned upon by Rolls-Royce, but Bond’s daring nature knew no bounds.

his 1954 R-Type Continental, with coachwork by Henri Chapron, provided the inspiration for 007’s The Locomotive
his 1954 R-Type Continental, with coachwork by Henri Chapron, provided the inspiration for 007’s The Locomotive

Bentleys in Bond Novels: A Rich Literary Legacy

Throughout the years, various authors continued Ian Fleming’s legacy, incorporating Bentleys into the Bond novels. John Gardner’s “Role of Honour” in the 1980s saw Bond behind the wheel of a Bentley Mulsanne Turbo, while Jeffrey Deaver’s “Carte Blanche” featured a granite grey Bentley Continental GT. Each author added their unique touch, keeping the Bond-Bentley romance alive.

The Clash with Aston Martin

While Bentleys reigned supreme in the Bond novels, the cinematic world had different plans. Aston Martin became synonymous with the on-screen Bond, especially after the iconic appearance of the silver DB5 in “Goldfinger.” However, Bentley enthusiasts remained steadfast, and in 2008, Sebastian Faulks’ “Devil May Care” brought The Locomotive back into the spotlight, reigniting the debate between Bentley and Aston Martin. Bentley’s Director of Royal and VIP Relations defended the marque’s rightful place in the Bond universe, asserting that Bond’s personal car was always a Bentley in Fleming’s novels.

Bond and Bentley: A Love That Endures

As Bond continues to captivate audiences with new adventures, one thing remains certain—his love for classic Bentleys is an integral part of his character’s identity. While the cinematic Bond may forever be associated with Aston Martin, the literary Bond’s heart will forever belong to the distinguished British luxury of Bentley. Just like the superspy’s daring escapades, the Bond-Bentley love affair will endure through the ages, leaving an indelible mark on the world of literature and automotive history. James Bond will return, and who knows, maybe one day he will grace the silver screen once more, with the spirit of a Bentley at his side.


FAQ: Bentley Batur – Exploring the Future of Luxury Grand Tourers

1. What sets the Bentley Batur apart from its predecessor, the Bacalar?

The Bentley Batur is a breathtaking evolution of the Bacalar, showcasing Mulliner’s prowess in creating bespoke masterpieces. While the Bacalar was a roofless barchetta-style grand tourer, the Batur takes a different approach with its sleek hard-top coupé design, reflecting Bentley’s vision for the forthcoming electric car era. The Batur’s minimalist aesthetic and elegant lines set it apart, providing a glimpse into the future of Bentley’s design language. Additionally, the Batur houses an upgraded 6.0-liter, twin-turbocharged W12 engine, delivering unparalleled power, marking a fitting tribute to the legacy of petrol-powered grand tourers. With limited production of just 18 cars, the Batur offers exclusivity and a distinctive driving experience.

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2. How powerful is the engine in the Bentley Batur?

The engine in the Bentley Batur is an exceptional engineering marvel. Exclusively uprated from Bentley’s trademark W12, the Batur’s power output reaches around 740PS, surpassing even the extraordinary performance achieved by the Bacalar. This immense power, coupled with advanced digital chassis technology honed from the Continental GT Speed, ensures an adrenaline-pumping driving experience like no other. As Bentley embraces its Beyond100 transformation towards electrification, the Batur serves as a celebration of the W12’s extraordinary power, torque, and refinement. With Speed-tuned air suspension, electric active anti-roll control, eLSD, four-wheel steering, and torque vectoring, the Batur’s engine is paired with cutting-edge technology, delivering a harmonious blend of performance and precision.

3. How does the Bentley Batur reflect the future of Bentley’s design vision?

The launch of the Bentley Batur marks a pivotal moment for Bentley’s design direction. This striking grand tourer is a tangible representation of Bentley’s vision for the future of automotive luxury. With its sleek and minimalistic design language, the Batur offers a fresh and focused interpretation of Bentley’s signature style. The car’s front and rear LED lights feature narrow and sharply defined apertures, creating a more technical and angular design. The grille, adorned with contrast-painted three-dimensional elements, adds visual depth and character. The elongated bonnet, appearing as if the car sits on its rear axle, emphasizes the Batur’s muscular stance and powerful presence. The confident interpretation of the iconic Bentley grille completes the design, resulting in an extraordinary shape that exudes both elegance and excitement. In essence, the Bentley Batur sets the stage for a thrilling new era of automotive luxury design.

4. What makes the Bentley Batur a truly unique and sought-after car?

The Bentley Batur is an exclusive masterpiece that exemplifies the pinnacle of luxury grand touring. With a limited production run of only 18 cars, each Batur offers a level of exclusivity that discerning enthusiasts crave. Crafted by the esteemed coachbuilder, Mulliner, the Batur boasts meticulous attention to detail and uncompromising craftsmanship, ensuring that every aspect of the car is a work of art. Moreover, the Batur is not just a stylish grand tourer; it embodies the spirit of Bentley’s future, embracing sustainable materials and technologies that align with Bentley’s commitment to environmental responsibility. High-performance composites made from flax, sustainably produced leathers, and recycled yarn carpets are just a few examples of the innovative and eco-friendly features that set the Batur apart. Ultimately, the Bentley Batur is a testament to the brand’s legacy and a glimpse into the exciting road ahead for luxury grand touring.

Conclusion: In the realm of luxury grand tourers, the Bentley Batur by Mulliner stands as a testament to Bentley’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. Crafted with precision and care, each Batur is a work of automotive art, combining striking design, powerful performance, and sustainable materials. As Bentley embraces the future with electrification on the horizon, the Batur offers a glimpse into the exciting road ahead, where performance and luxury converge in harmony with environmental responsibility. With its limited production and overwhelming demand, the Bentley Batur has already etched its name in the annals of automotive history, leaving enthusiasts and collectors alike yearning for a chance to experience the thrill of this extraordinary grand tourer. The Batur truly represents a glimpse at the road ahead for Bentley, where cutting-edge technology and timeless craftsmanship merge to redefine the boundaries of luxury motoring.

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