how to dress like james bond on a budget?

A Comprehensive Guide to Dressing Like James Bond: Embrace the Classic 007 Style

James Bond, the quintessential secret agent, has long been a symbol of style and sophistication. His impeccable wardrobe and enduring charm have established him as a timeless icon. From the classic tuxedos to the casual polo neck sweaters, every outfit that Bond dons is carefully crafted, reflecting not just the character’s unique sense of fashion but also the evolving trends of the times.

The various actors who have portrayed Bond over the decades have each brought their unique flair to the character, influencing his wardrobe and style. This has led to a fascinating evolution of Bond’s style, making it an interesting subject of study. Whether it’s Sean Connery’s power dressing, George Lazenby’s flamboyant outfits, or Daniel Craig’s modern sophistication, each iteration of Bond has left an indelible mark on the fashion world.

Key Takeaways

  • James Bond’s tuxedo, particularly the Tom Ford version worn by Daniel Craig, is an iconic element of his wardrobe.
  • Each actor portraying Bond has brought a unique style to the character, reflecting the fashion trends of their respective times.
  • Staples of Bond’s wardrobe include leather jackets, polo neck sweaters, and the classic white dinner jacket.
  • The character’s clothing choices during poker games always exude confidence and elegance.
  • The Tom Ford suit worn by Daniel Craig in Skyfall is a significant part of Bond’s modern style.

How to Dress Like James Bond?

James Bond, the timeless character created by Ian Fleming, has become synonymous with style, elegance, and sophistication. Dressing like Bond isn’t just about replicating his outfits—it’s about embodying his charm, confidence, and class. Whether you want to spruce up your wardrobe or channel your inner spy at a costume party, this guide will help you achieve the Bond look.

Understanding James Bond’s Style

Before we delve into the specifics of Bond’s wardrobe, let’s take a moment to understand his overall style:

  1. Elegance: Bond is known for his refined and polished look. He is often seen in tailored suits, crisp shirts, and classic footwear. His outfits are typically in neutral colors like black, navy, and grey.
  2. Simplicity: Despite his sophistication, Bond’s style is surprisingly simple. He avoids flashy patterns and bright colors, opting instead for solid, muted tones.
  3. Quality: Bond’s clothing items are always high-quality, reflecting his discerning taste.

The Iconic James Bond Suit

One of the hallmarks of James Bond’s attire is his impeccably tailored suit. Here’s how you can achieve the same look:

  • Fit: A tailored fit is crucial. The jacket should hug your shoulders, and the trousers should be slim, not skinny. The cuff of the shirt should peek out about half an inch from the jacket sleeve.
  • Color: Bond is often seen in charcoal or navy suits. For casual occasions, he might opt for a lighter grey or brown.
  • Fabric: Opt for high-quality wool. The weight of the fabric depends on the season and the occasion.
  • Details: Go for a single-breasted suit with notch lapels. Bond prefers a clean, minimalist look—avoid flashy buttons or quirky details.
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Shirts and Ties

Bond’s shirts are usually white or light blue, made of high-quality cotton. They’re often paired with a dark, solid-color tie never overly patterned or brightly colored. Consider getting your shirts custom-made for a perfect fit.

Shoes and Accessories

James Bond’s footwear is always classy and practical. His shoes of choice are black or brown Oxford shoes. For a casual look, he might wear loafers or suede chukka boots.

Accessories should be minimal. A simple, elegant watch like Bond’s Omega Seamaster is a must. Cufflinks and pocket squares can add a touch of sophistication, but avoid anything too flashy.

JB Accesoiries

Casual Bond Style

While Bond is best known for his suits, his casual outfits are equally stylish. He often wears polo shirts, chinos, or dark jeans. For outerwear, consider a Harrington jacket, a navy peacoat, or a classic trench coat.

casual bond style
casual bond style

The Bond Attitude

Dressing like Bond isn’t just about the clothes—it’s also about the attitude. Bond carries himself with confidence and poise. He is comfortable in his skin and in his clothes. To truly dress like Bond, emulate his self-assured demeanor and his unflappable cool.

The Evolution of James Bond’s Style

Bond’s style has evolved over the years, adapting to the times while maintaining his signature sophistication. Here’s a brief look at how Bond’s style has changed with each actor:

Bond’s Signature Tuxedo

One of the most iconic items in Bond’s wardrobe is his tuxedo. Notably, in Casino Royale (2006), Daniel Craig wore a midnight blue Tom Ford tuxedo with a pleated shirt and black bowtie – an outfit that has since become known as “James Bond’s Tuxedo.” This particular tuxedo, designed with an extra-narrow cut and mother-of-pearl buttons on the front and cuffs, is a true classic.

Bond's Signature Tuxedo
Bond’s Signature Tuxedo

Leather Jackets

Bond’s wardrobe often features sleek leather jackets, which he pairs with jeans or trousers for a cool yet casual look. A memorable example is when Sean Connery wore a brown leather jacket in Goldfinger (1964), a classic look that has been replicated countless times over the year.

Leather Jackets
Leather Jackets

Bond’s Poker Look

Bond is also associated with high-stakes poker, where he often showcases his confidence and elegance. Whether he opts for an immaculate suit or something a little more low-key like chinos and a polo shirt, Bond’s poker look is always stylish

Bond's Poker Look
Bond’s Poker Look


The White Dinner Jacket

In Goldfinger (1964), Sean Connery wears a white dinner jacket with black trousers and a bow tie at Fort Knox in Kentucky. This outfit has remained iconic over the years, demonstrating Bond’s confidence and elegance.

The White Dinner Jacket
The White Dinner Jacket

Polo Neck Sweaters

In Live And Let Die (1973), Roger Moore wore a classic polo neck sweater, which has become synonymous with 007’s effortlessly stylish style. The outfit also includes a pair of tan trousers and loafers – a look that can easily be replicated today.

Polo Neck Sweaters
Polo Neck Sweaters

Tom Ford Suit

Finally, no discussion of James Bond’s style would be complete without mentioning the Tom Ford suit. Daniel Craig wore this immaculate two-piece suit in Skyfall (2012), which features a slim cut and peaked lapels for a timeless yet modern look. The navy blue color is offset by subtle red accents, giving it an eye-catching edge. The suit also features a satin lining, adding a luxurious touch to this iconic piece.

Tom Ford Suit
Tom Ford Suit

Dressing Like the Bonds: Actor-Specific Styles

Over the years, each actor who has portrayed James Bond brought a distinct sartorial flair to the role. Here’s how each Bond dressed:

  • Sean Connery: Known for power dressing, Connery pulled off three-piece suits with flair. He was particularly famous for the grey Anthony Sinclair suit, and his beach-ready look in Thunderball (1965) is a lesson in holiday style.
  • George Lazenby: Lazenby flipped Connery’s suited and booted Bond on his head with outfits like ruffle-necked dress shirts, silk stock ties, super wide-legged trousers, pink Oxford shirts, and rollneck jumpers under three-button Dimi Major suits.
  • Roger Moore: Moore introduced the double-breasted suit to Bond and was known for wide lapels, snatched waists, big, open collars, wide, patterned ties, and grey checked sport coats paired with bell-bottoms.
  • Timothy Dalton: Dalton’s wardrobe was a sign of his times. Pleated, baggy trousers that were excessively full, relaxed lower buttons, super-wide lapels, and strong power shoulders made up the best part of his costumes.
  • Pierce Brosnan: Brosnan’s Bond was known for his timeless elegance and perfect tailoring. Brosnan made his first outing in a well-fitted suit, and his fashion evolution saw him moving towards more modern styles, including a Brioni suit and a navy Crombie coat with a red lining.
  • Daniel Craig: Craig’s Bond is known for his pared-back, minimalist wardrobe, featuring slim-cut suits and well-tailored casual wear. One of his signature looks includes a Tom Ford tuxedo with a shawl collar.
  • Lashana Lynch: As the first female 007, Lashana Lynch brought a refreshing touch to the Bond style. Her wardrobe in No Time To Die (2021) included a suit with a masculine cut, a navy tactical outfit, and a relaxed casual look with jeans and a leather jacket.
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1. How has the style of James Bond evolved over the years?

The evolution of James Bond’s style has been a reflection of the times, as well as the individual actors’ personal style. Sean Connery, the first Bond, brought a sense of power and arrogance to the role with his sharp tailoring and three-piece suits. Roger Moore, in contrast, introduced a more relaxed look with double-breasted suits and wide lapels.

As the series progressed into the 80s and 90s, the costumes mirrored fashion trends of the times. Timothy Dalton’s Bond wore pleated, baggy trousers, relaxed lower buttons, and super-wide lapels, aligning more with contemporary fashion. Pierce Brosnan brought back timeless elegance with well-fitted Brioni suits and Crombie coats. Finally, Daniel Craig’s Bond pared back the wardrobe to minimalist, slim-cut suits and well-tailored casual wear.

2. What are the essential pieces in James Bond’s wardrobe?

James Bond’s wardrobe is characterized by several key pieces that have remained constant throughout the series. The first is the suit, which Bond typically wears in a slim cut with a matching tie. Another essential is the tuxedo, often worn at formal events and in casino scenes. Bond’s tuxedos are usually black or midnight blue, with a white dress shirt and black bow tie.

In addition to formal wear, Bond also has a selection of casual clothing. Leather jackets are a common feature, often paired with jeans or trousers for a casual yet sophisticated look. Polo neck sweaters, chinos, and loafers are also part of Bond’s casual wardrobe. These pieces allow Bond to blend in while still maintaining his signature style.

3. What brands does James Bond wear?

Throughout the Bond series, several high-end brands have been featured. In the earlier films, Sean Connery’s Bond wore suits by Anthony Sinclair. Roger Moore brought his personal tailor, Cyril Castle, to create his suits. When Pierce Brosnan took on the role, the Bond franchise started working with luxury Italian brand Brioni for suits.

When Daniel Craig stepped in, Tom Ford became the official tailor for Bond, designing both the suits and the iconic midnight blue tuxedo. Craig’s Bond also wore watches by Omega, and in Casino Royale, he sported shoes by Church’s. It’s clear that Bond’s wardrobe is not only stylish, but also includes some of the most renowned names in luxury fashion.

4. How has James Bond’s casual style changed over the years?

James Bond’s casual style has evolved along with his formal wear. In the earlier films, Sean Connery’s Bond would often be seen in a casual polo shirt or even a terrycloth playsuit, as seen in Goldfinger. Roger Moore’s Bond introduced more colorful and patterned pieces, including wide, patterned ties and bell-bottoms.

As the series progressed, the casual style became more subdued and minimalist. Timothy Dalton’s Bond favored baggy trousers and relaxed suits, while Pierce Brosnan’s Bond stuck to classic pieces like the navy Crombie coat. Daniel Craig’s Bond often wore slim-cut jeans or trousers, simple shirts, and leather jackets, reflecting a modern, pared-back approach to casual style.

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5. How do the clothes contribute to James Bond’s character?

The clothes that James Bond wears are a fundamental part of his character. They signal his sophistication, his status, and his confidence. The perfectly tailored suits and tuxedos suggest a man who is in control and successful, while the casual outfits display a sense of effortless style.

Moreover, the clothes help to set the tone for each scene. A tuxedo for a high-stakes poker game, a suit for a meeting with M, aleather jacket for an action-packed chase – each outfit is carefully chosen to reflect the mood of the situation. They also help to portray Bond as a man of the world, someone who can blend into any environment, whether it’s a luxurious casino, a beach resort, or a dark alleyway.

6. How does the choice of attire reflect the era of each Bond movie?

The attire in each Bond movie often reflects the fashion trends and cultural context of the era in which it was made. For instance, Sean Connery’s slim-cut suits and Roger Moore’s wide lapels were both popular styles in the 1960s and 70s, respectively. Timothy Dalton’s baggy trousers and wide lapels in the late 80s and early 90s were also indicative of the fashion of that time.

In the more recent films, Daniel Craig’s minimalist, slim-cut suits and casual wear reflect a contemporary aesthetic. His wardrobe is sleek, modern, and free from unnecessary embellishment, much like the fashion trends of the 2010s. The choice of attire in each movie not only contributes to the authenticity of the Bond character but also serves as a snapshot of the fashion and culture of the time.

7. What are the most iconic outfits worn by James Bond?

Several outfits worn by James Bond over the years have become iconic. One of the most memorable is Sean Connery’s grey Anthony Sinclair suit from the early films. Another iconic outfit is Roger Moore’s double-breasted suit with wide lapels, which he introduced in his seven-movie stint as Bond.

In recent films, Daniel Craig’s midnight blue Tom Ford tuxedo from Casino Royale has become synonymous with the character. His sleek, slim-cut suits from the same designer are also iconic in their own right. These outfits, among others, have contributed to the lasting image of James Bond as a figure of style and sophistication.

8. Can the style of James Bond be emulated in real life?

Absolutely. James Bond’s style is characterized by timeless pieces that can easily be incorporated into a modern man’s wardrobe. The key is to invest in well-fitted suits and tuxedos, and to not shy away from formal wear for appropriate occasions.

For casual settings, a good leather jacket, a selection of well-made shirts, and a pair of comfortable, stylish trousers or jeans can go a long way. Lastly, remember that confidence is a vital part of James Bond’s style. It’s not just about the clothes, but also about the attitude with which you wear them.

9. How important are accessories in James Bond’s style?

Accessories play a crucial role in James Bond’s style. From his watches to his shoes, each piece is carefully chosen to complement his outfit. Bond is often seen wearing luxury watches, most commonly from the brand Omega, which add a touch of sophistication to his look.

His choice of footwear also contributes to his overall style. Bond often opts for sleek, well-made shoes that match his suit or tuxedo. Even his ties and pocket squares are carefully chosen to match his outfit. While these details may seem minor, they contribute to the overall polished and refined look that Bond is known for.

10. How does James Bond’s style contribute to the overall appeal of the films?

James Bond’s style plays a significant role in the appeal of the films. His impeccable fashion sense adds to his charm and charisma, making him a captivating figure on screen. The clothes and accessories he wears not only contribute to his character but also help to set the mood and tone of each scene.


Exploring the evolution of James Bond’s style is a journey through the history of men’s fashion. Bond’s wardrobe encapsulates the essence of each era while maintaining a timeless elegance that is uniquely Bond. From the sharp tailoring of his suits to the casual chic of his leather jackets, every outfit is a testament to Bond’s status as a style icon.

As the world eagerly awaits the next chapter of James Bond, one thing is certain: the character’s unique sense of style will continue to inspire and fascinate. Just as Bond adapts to the changing world of espionage, so too does his wardrobe evolve, reflecting not only the character’s personal style but also the shifting trends of the fashion world.

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