20 Best James Bond Love And Sex Quotes

Unveiling the Witty and Iconic Lines

Welcome to our in-depth exploration of the iconic quotes from the world of James Bond. In this article, we delve into the witty and memorable lines that have become synonymous with the suave and charismatic secret agent. From flirtatious banter to clever wordplay, these quotes have captivated audiences for decades, solidifying James Bond as a cultural icon. Join us as we uncover the origins, significance, and impact of these unforgettable lines, and discover the charm and wit that have made James Bond an enduring figure in popular culture.

Key Takeaways

  • James Bond’s quotes are known for their cleverness, wit, and ability to capture the essence of his character.
  • Bond’s lines often incorporate humor, flirtation, and wordplay, showcasing his charm and quick thinking.
  • These quotes contribute to the overall appeal of the films, creating memorable moments and engaging the audience.
  • Bond’s quotes have had a profound influence on popular culture, becoming catchphrases and cultural references.
  • The enduring popularity of Bond’s character and his quotes has set the standard for how spies are portrayed in popular culture.

Table of Contents

“The World is Not Enough, 1999” – James Bond: “I thought Christmas only comes once a year.”

In the 1999 film “The World is Not Enough,” James Bond utters this memorable line during an intimate moment with Dr. Christmas Jones, played by Denise Richards. The quote is a clever innuendo, combining the holiday season with a playful double entendre. It showcases Bond’s charm and flirtatious nature, while also highlighting his ability to inject humor into intense situations.

"The World is Not Enough, 1999"
“The World is Not Enough, 1999”

“The Man with the Golden Gun, 1974” – James Bond: “Miss Anders! I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on.”

In the 1974 film “The Man with the Golden Gun,” Bond’s encounter with Miss Anders, portrayed by Britt Ekland, leads to this humorous line. The quote showcases Bond’s ability to deliver cheeky remarks, adding a touch of lightness to tense moments. It has become a fan favorite, reflecting the character’s confidence and penchant for quick-witted banter.

"The Man with the Golden Gun, 1974"
“The Man with the Golden Gun, 1974”

“Man with the Golden Gun, 1974” – James Bond: “I’m trained to expect the unexpected, but I never prepared for anything like you in the night.”

Continuing with “The Man with the Golden Gun,” Bond delivers this line in reference to a surprising encounter with the film’s main antagonist, Francisco Scaramanga, played by Christopher Lee. The quote highlights Bond’s adaptability and ability to think on his feet. It also captures the essence of his unpredictable world, where danger lurks around every corner.

"Man with the Golden Gun, 1974"
“Man with the Golden Gun, 1974”

“Thunderball, 1965” – James Bond: “Wait to get to my teeth.”

In the 1965 film “Thunderball,” Bond finds himself in a precarious situation, strapped to a chair with a threat looming over him. With this dry remark, he demonstrates his unflappable demeanor and ability to maintain his composure even in the face of danger. The quote showcases Bond’s resourcefulness and readiness to overcome any obstacle.

"Thunderball, 1965"
“Thunderball, 1965”

“A View to a Kill, 1985” – James Bond: “Well, I’m an early riser myself.”

In “A View to a Kill,” Bond delivers this line during a conversation with the character Pola Ivanova, played by Fiona Fullerton. The quote reflects Bond’s charm and playful flirtation, as he responds to Pola’s suggestive comment. It serves as a lighthearted moment in the film, highlighting Bond’s ability to engage in witty banter with his adversaries.

A View to a Kill, 1985
A View to a Kill, 1985

“Octopussy, 1983” – James Bond: “Sexual discrimination, I will definitely have to pay it a visit.”

In the 1983 film “Octopussy,” Bond responds to a comment made by a female character, Magda, played by Kristina Wayborn. The line showcases Bond’s quick thinking and penchant for clever comebacks. It also highlights his charisma and ability to navigate social situations with confidence and charm.

"Octopussy, 1983"
“Octopussy, 1983”

“License To Kill, 1989” – James Bond: “I’ll do anything for a woman with a knife.”

In “License To Kill,” Bond delivers this line in response to a character named Lupe Lamora, played by Talisa Soto. The quote illustrates Bond’s flirtatious nature, as he acknowledges his weakness for danger and allure. It also emphasizes his willingness to take risks and embrace the unexpected.

"License To Kill, 1989"
“License To Kill, 1989”

“Never Say Never Again, 1983” – James Bond: “Yes, but my martini is still dry. My name is James.”

In “Never Say Never Again,” Bond playfully responds to a woman’s comment about him being “stirred, not shaken.” The line is a clever reference to Bond’s signature drink and showcases his fondness for martinis. It exemplifies his ability to maintain his suave demeanor even in amusing exchanges.

"Never Say Never Again, 1983"
“Never Say Never Again, 1983”

“Skyfall, 2012” – James Bond: “I didn’t order anything, not even you.”

In the 2012 film “Skyfall,” Bond delivers this line to a seductive character named Severine, played by Bérénice Marlohe. The quote reveals Bond’s dry wit and reluctance to be easily swayed by others. It demonstrates his independence and self-assuredness, even in the midst of alluring situations.

"Skyfall, 2012"
“Skyfall, 2012”

“From Russia with Love, 1963” – James Bond: “It’s just the right size… for me, that is.”

In “From Russia with Love,” Bond delivers this line during a conversation with a fellow agent, Tatiana Romanova, portrayed by Daniela Bianchi. The quote showcases Bond’s playful and flirtatious side while maintaining his debonair charm. It has become a memorable line, encapsulating his suave and confident persona.

"From Russia with Love, 1963"
“From Russia with Love, 1963”

“For Your Eyes Only, 1981” – James Bond: “Now put your clothes back on, and I’ll buy you an ice cream.”

In “For Your Eyes Only,” Bond delivers this line to a woman he encounters on a beach, played by Lynn-Holly Johnson. The quote highlights Bond’s playful yet gentlemanly approach to romantic encounters. It demonstrates his ability to balance his sophisticated persona with a touch of light-heartedness.

"For Your Eyes Only, 1981"
“For Your Eyes Only, 1981”

“Casino Royale, 2006” – James Bond: “No, cause you’re single.”

In the 2006 film “Casino Royale,” Bond responds with this cheeky remark to Vesper Lynd, played by Eva Green, who asks if he’s single. The quote showcases Bond’s sense of humor and confident demeanor. It adds a layer of charm to his interactions with romantic interests, revealing his ability to deftly navigate conversations.

"Casino Royale, 2006"
“Casino Royale, 2006”

“Die Another Day, 2002” – James Bond: “I have been known to keep my tip up.”

In “Die Another Day,” Bond delivers this line in a playful exchange with a female character, Miranda Frost, portrayed by Rosamund Pike. The quote displays Bond’s flirtatious nature and his ability to maintain a suave and composed demeanor. It adds a touch of innuendo to the conversation, revealing Bond’s playful side.

"Die Another Day, 2002"
“Die Another Day, 2002”


“Die Another Day, 2002” – James Bond: “Magnificent View….!”

In the same film, “Die Another Day,” Bond utters this line while admiring a scenic view. The quote reflects his appreciation for beauty, whether it be in nature or the company of an attractive companion. It emphasizes his ability to find pleasure in the finer things in life and showcases his keen sense of observation.

"Die Another Day, 2002"
“Die Another Day, 2002”

“Tomorrow Never Dies, 1997” – James Bond: “You always were a cunning linguist, James.”

In “Tomorrow Never Dies,” Bond receives this playful comment from a female character named Paris Carver, played by Teri Hatcher. The line is a clever play on words, highlighting Bond’s linguistic skills and his reputation as a charismatic and intelligent agent. It adds a touch of humor to the film and further enhances Bond’s reputation as a suave and resourceful secret agent.

"Tomorrow Never Dies, 1997"
“Tomorrow Never Dies, 1997”

“Casino Royale, 2006” – James Bond: “That’s because you know what I can do with my little finger…”

In “Casino Royale,” Bond delivers this flirtatious line to Vesper Lynd during a conversation. The quote is suggestive and serves as a playful innuendo, revealing Bond’s confidence and charisma. It exemplifies his ability to captivate others with his charm and alludes to his skills and capabilities.

"Casino Royale, 2006"
“Casino Royale, 2006”

“Casino Royale, 2006” – James Bond: “What about a drink in my place..?”

Continuing with “Casino Royale,” Bond delivers this line as an invitation to Vesper Lynd. The quote highlights Bond’s suave and confident demeanor, as he effortlessly engages in playful banter. It showcases his ability to create an aura of intrigue and charm, leaving the audience captivated.

"Casino Royale, 2006"
“Casino Royale, 2006”

“Casino Royale, 2006” – James Bond: “Every penny of it…!”

In the same film, Bond responds with this line when Vesper Lynd questions the origin of his funds. The quote reflects Bond’s nonchalant attitude towards money and further establishes his sophisticated and carefree lifestyle. It exemplifies his self-assuredness and his ability to handle any situation with ease.

"Casino Royale, 2006"
“Casino Royale, 2006”

“Casino Royale, 2006” – James Bond: “I think I will call it Vesper because once you’ve tasted it, that’s all you want to drink…!”

In a pivotal scene in “Casino Royale,” Bond shares this line with Vesper Lynd, explaining his choice of name for a particular cocktail. The quote is a clever reference to Bond’s refined tastes and appreciation for the finer things in life. It showcases his ability to savor experiences and further solidifies the allure surrounding his character.

"Casino Royale, 2006"
“Casino Royale, 2006”

“Moonraker, 1979” – James Bond: “How do you kill 5 hours in Rio if you don’t Samba….?”

In “Moonraker,” Bond delivers this line in a conversation with a Brazilian character named Manuela, played by Emily Bolton. The quote highlights Bond’s ability to adapt to different cultures and embrace local customs. It also adds a touch of humor, showcasing his ability to find enjoyment and entertainment in various situations.

"Moonraker, 1979"
“Moonraker, 1979”


Question 1: What makes James Bond’s quotes so iconic?

James Bond’s quotes have become iconic due to their cleverness, wit, and their ability to capture the essence of his character. Each quote is carefully crafted to showcase Bond’s charm, confidence, and quick thinking. These lines often incorporate humor, innuendo, and wordplay, creating memorable moments for audiences. Moreover, Bond’s quotes have become synonymous with his suave and sophisticated persona, elevating him to a cultural icon. Whether it’s his flirtatious banter or his dry remarks in intense situations, Bond’s quotes have left a lasting impact on popular culture.

Question 2: How does James Bond use humor in his quotes?

Humor plays a significant role in James Bond’s quotes, adding an entertaining element to the films. Bond utilizes humor as a tool to diffuse tension, charm his adversaries, and maintain his cool under pressure. His witty one-liners and playful remarks serve multiple purposes, including disarming his enemies, lightening the mood, and showcasing his intelligence and quick thinking. Bond’s humor often comes in the form of double entendre, clever wordplay, or ironic observations, allowing him to navigate dangerous situations with style and grace.

Question 3: Are James Bond’s quotes reflective of his character?

Absolutely. James Bond’s quotes are a reflection of his character traits and the world he operates in. They showcase his confidence, charm, and sophistication, as well as his ability to adapt to any situation. Bond’s quotes also reveal his flirtatious nature, highlighting his fondness for romance and the company of attractive women. Moreover, his quotes often demonstrate his resilience, resourcefulness, and readiness to face the unexpected. Bond’s memorable lines have become an integral part of his persona and contribute to his enduring popularity.

Question 4: How do James Bond’s quotes contribute to the overall appeal of the films?

James Bond’s quotes significantly contribute to the overall appeal of the films by adding depth and entertainment value to the storytelling. They serve as memorable moments that engage the audience, providing a mix of action, humor, and intrigue. Bond’s quotes become catchphrases and cultural references, further enhancing the franchise’s longevity and global recognition. These lines also create an emotional connection with viewers, making Bond a relatable and charismatic character. The inclusion of clever and memorable quotes ensures that Bond’s impact extends beyond the action sequences, creating a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

Question 5: Are James Bond’s quotes always meant to be taken seriously?

While James Bond’s quotes can be serious in certain contexts, many of them are intended to be lighthearted and humorous. Bond often uses his wit and charm as a way to navigate through dangerous situations and maintain his composure. His playful banter and double entendre are often meant to entertain and add an element of enjoyment to the films. However, it’s important to note that the tone and intent of Bond’s quotes can vary depending on the specific scene and the dynamics between the characters involved.

Question 6: How have James Bond’s quotes influenced popular culture?

James Bond’s quotes have had a profound influence on popular culture. They have become embedded in the lexicon of everyday conversation, with people using Bond’s witty lines as references or in playful banter. Bond’s quotes have also inspired numerous parodies and tributes in other forms of media, further solidifying their cultural impact. Additionally, the enduring popularity of the Bond franchise and its quotes has spawned a dedicated fanbase, ensuring that these iconic lines continue to be celebrated and cherished by audiences around the world.

Question 7: Do James Bond’s quotes reflect the time period in which the films were made?

Yes, James Bond’s quotes often reflect the time period in which the films were made. The Bond franchise has spanned several decades, and each era brings its own cultural influences and societal norms. Bond’s quotes capture the essence of the time, incorporating references and attitudes that were prevalent during those periods. Additionally, the evolution of Bond’s character over the years is reflected in the changes in his dialogue, with the quotes adapting to fit the context of the times while still maintaining the core elements that define James Bond.

Question 8: Are there any real-life quotes or inspirations behind James Bond’s dialogue?

While there may not be specific real-life quotes that directly influenced James Bond’s dialogue, it is clear that the character draws inspiration from the suave and sophisticated spies of classic literature and cinema. The character of James Bond was originally created by Ian Fleming, who infused him with a mix of his own experiences as a naval intelligence officer and the archetypal traits of a gentleman spy. Bond’s dialogue is crafted to reflect the suave and debonair nature of classic spy fiction, while also incorporating modern sensibilities and cultural references to create a unique and memorable character.

Question 9: What impact have James Bond’s quotes had on the portrayal of spies in popular culture?

James Bond’s quotes have had a significant impact on the portrayal of spies in popular culture. The suave and confident persona that Bond embodies, coupled with his clever and memorable lines, has become the archetype for spies in movies and television. Bond’s quotes have influenced subsequent spy films, often featuring charismatic and witty secret agents who possess a similar charm and quick wit. The enduring popularity of Bond’s character and his quotes has set the standard for how spies are depicted, creating a lasting legacy in the world of espionage fiction.

Question 10: Do James Bond’s quotes contribute to the longevity of the franchise?

Yes, James Bond’s quotes contribute to the longevity of the franchise by creating memorable moments that resonate with audiences. The iconic nature of these lines helps to keep the Bond films in the public consciousness, ensuring continued interest and anticipation for new installments. Bond’s quotes have become an integral part of the franchise’s identity, adding to its enduring appeal and cultural significance. The inclusion of clever and memorable dialogue has played a crucial role in establishing James Bond as a pop culture icon and has contributed to the franchise’s success over the years.


The quotes of James Bond have become an integral part of his character and the lasting legacy of the franchise. From flirtatious remarks to dry wit, Bond’s dialogue adds depth and entertainment value to the films, captivating audiences worldwide. These quotes have transcended the screen, becoming cultural touchstones and shaping the portrayal of spies in popular culture. James Bond’s lines are a testament to his enduring popularity, leaving a lasting impact on the world of cinema and beyond. So, whether it’s “shaken, not stirred” or a playful innuendo, the quotes of James Bond continue to captivate and charm audiences, solidifying his status as one of the most beloved and iconic characters in film history.

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