How did Daniel Craig break Dave Bautista’s nose?

Daniel Craig's Final James Bond Performance and the Perils of Filming Stunts

“No Time to Die” is an upcoming film that holds great significance for both James Bond fans and actor Daniel Craig. This article delves into Craig’s journey leading up to his final performance as the iconic spy, exploring the challenges he faced and the incidents that occurred during the filming process. From doubts about his physical capabilities to on-set injuries, Craig’s commitment to the role and the camaraderie among the cast and crew shine through, creating an intriguing narrative of determination, dedication, and the bond that brings the world of James Bond to life.

Key Takeaways

  • Daniel Craig initially had reservations about returning for “No Time to Die” due to concerns about the physical toll of the role, but his dedication and love for the character ultimately led him to reprise the role one last time.
  • The filming of “Spectre” resulted in Craig sustaining a broken knee, highlighting the risks and sacrifices involved in performing the demanding stunts required for the Bond films.
  • A mishap on set between Craig and co-star Dave Bautista resulted in an accidental injury to Bautista’s nose, highlighting the physicality and intensity of the action scenes.
  • Despite the incident, both actors handled the situation with professionalism, humor, and a strong bond, continuing their collaboration on the film.

Daniel Craig’s Concerns and Previous Injuries

Having previously experienced a broken knee during the filming of “Spectre,” Daniel Craig openly expressed doubts about his ability to endure the physical demands of another Bond film. The grueling nature of the training and the intense physicality required for the stunts left him questioning his own capabilities. However, his dedication to the character and the franchise ultimately drove him to take on the challenge one last time.

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A Painful Incident on Set

During the filming of “Spectre,” Craig’s concerns about physical injury became a reality. In an interview on The Graham Norton Show, he recounted an incident involving Dave Bautista, his scene partner and a formidable presence in both the wrestling and acting worlds. While shooting a scene where Bautista’s character was supposed to throw Craig against a wall, Craig encouraged him to be more forceful, underestimating the wrestler’s strength.

The result was an unexpected mishap: Craig’s knee ended up in an unfortunate position, and Bautista unintentionally bore the brunt of the impact, resulting in a broken nose. The sound of the crack and the fear of Bautista’s retaliation caused Craig to flee the scene, fearing the consequences of his accidental blow.

Dave Bautista’s Perspective

In response to Craig’s recollection of the incident, Dave Bautista took to Twitter to share his side of the story. Contrary to Craig’s belief that he ran away, Bautista clarified that Craig exclaimed in shock upon realizing he had broken his nose. However, rather than seeking revenge, Bautista showed great sportsmanship and humor by hugging Craig, accepting his apology, and even finding the situation amusing once his nose was reset.


The Bond Legacy: Dedication and Camaraderie

The behind-the-scenes account of Craig and Bautista’s mishap sheds light on the dedication and camaraderie that exists within the Bond film franchise. The actors involved in these action-packed films often undergo rigorous training and perform their stunts, risking their physical well-being to create authentic and breathtaking scenes. The incident serves as a testament to their commitment to their craft and the strong bonds that form among the cast and crew.


1. What led Daniel Craig to consider not returning for “No Time to Die”?

Daniel Craig’s hesitation about returning for “No Time to Die” stemmed from concerns about the physical toll that the role of James Bond takes on his body. After sustaining a broken knee during the filming of “Spectre,” Craig questioned whether he was physically capable of enduring the intense training and demanding stunts required for another Bond film. Despite his reservations, his dedication to the character and the franchise ultimately convinced him to take on the challenge one final time.

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2. How did Daniel Craig injure his knee during the filming of “Spectre”?

During the filming of “Spectre,” Daniel Craig suffered a broken knee. The exact details of the incident are not explicitly mentioned, but it is known that the rigorous nature of the training and the physically demanding nature of the stunts took a toll on his body. This injury served as a reminder of the risks and sacrifices involved in portraying the iconic spy.

3. What happened between Daniel Craig and Dave Bautista on set?

While filming a scene for “Spectre,” Daniel Craig and Dave Bautista had an unexpected mishap. Craig encouraged Bautista, who plays Mr. Hinx in the film, to throw him against a wall more forcefully. Underestimating Bautista’s strength, Craig’s knee ended up in an unfortunate position, resulting in both Craig’s injury and unintentionally breaking Bautista’s nose. Despite the accident, both actors handled the situation with professionalism and humor, continuing their work on the film after a momentary interruption.

4. Did Daniel Craig flee the scene after injuring Dave Bautista?

Contrary to the belief that Daniel Craig fled the scene after injuring Dave Bautista, the wrestler-turned-actor shared a different account. After Craig accidentally broke Bautista’s nose, he exclaimed in shock, realizing what had happened. However, rather than seeking retribution, Bautista displayed sportsmanship and accepted Craig’s apology. The incident did not result in any animosity between the two, and they continued their collaboration on the film, showcasing their professionalism and the strong bond formed during their time on set.

5. What did Dave Bautista say about the incident?

Dave Bautista took to Twitter to clarify the situation and offer his perspective on the incident. Contrary to Craig’s recollection that he ran away, Bautista stated that Craig exclaimed in shock upon breaking his nose. Bautista further expressed his admiration for Craig’s dedication to the scene and their ability to laugh about the situation once his nose was reset. The incident showcased the camaraderie and mutual respect between the two actors.

6. What does the incident reveal about the dedication of Bond actors to their roles?

The incident involving Daniel Craig and Dave Bautista highlights the immense dedication and commitment that actors in the Bond franchise have for their roles. The physical demands and risks associated with performing stunts require a high level of dedication and professionalism. Despite the challenges and potential for injury, actors like Craig push themselves to deliver authentic and awe-inspiring performances, which contribute to the overall success of the films.

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7. Are stunts in Bond films performed by the actors themselves?

Yes, the stunts in Bond films are often performed by the actors themselves. Daniel Craig, known for his dedication to the role, has been actively involved in performing many of the action sequences throughout his tenure as James Bond. However, it’s important to note that safety measures and precautions are taken during these stunts to minimize the risk of serious injuries. Professional stunt performers and coordinators work closely with the actors to ensure their safety while delivering thrilling and realistic action scenes.

8. What kind of training do Bond actors undergo for their roles?

Bond actors undergo extensive training to prepare for their physically demanding roles. The training regimen typically includes a combination of strength and conditioning exercises, martial arts training, firearms training, and stunt-specific training. The goal is to build the necessary physicality, agility, and skills required to convincingly portray the iconic spy and execute the demanding action sequences. The training process is rigorous and often spans several months to ensure that the actors are well-prepared to perform the stunts safely and effectively.

9. How do incidents like these impact the camaraderie among the cast and crew?

Incidents like the one between Daniel Craig and Dave Bautista can actually strengthen the camaraderie among the cast and crew. Despite the accidental injury, both actors displayed professionalism, understanding, and a sense of humor. These experiences create a shared bond and understanding among the individuals involved in the filmmaking process. The ability to handle unexpected situations with grace and continue working collaboratively speaks to the strong relationships and mutual respect that are often forged during the making of a film.

10. What can fans expect from Daniel Craig’s final performance in “No Time to Die”?

Fans can expect Daniel Craig’s final performance in “No Time to Die” to be a memorable and fitting conclusion to his tenure as James Bond. Craig’s dedication to the role and his desire to deliver an exceptional performance have been evident throughout his time as the iconic spy. With the film set to be an action-packed and emotionally charged adventure, fans can anticipate thrilling stunts, intense drama, and the culmination of Craig’s portrayal of Bond. It will be a bittersweet moment for both the actor and fans, marking the end of an era in the Bond franchise.


“No Time to Die” marks the end of an era for Daniel Craig’s portrayal of James Bond, and his final on-screen performance is a testament to his dedication and passion for the role. The challenges and setbacks faced during the filming process, including Craig’s own physical concerns and the accidental injury to Dave Bautista, serve as reminders of the sacrifices and risks undertaken by the actors to deliver captivating performances. Through it all, the camaraderie and professionalism exhibited by the cast and crew showcase the bond that is formed in bringing the world of James Bond to life.

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