Andy Torbet The James Bond Stuntman !

A Real-Life Action Man and Armed Forces Veteran

In the fast-paced world of action and adventure, Andy Torbet shines as a real-life embodiment of courage, skill, and a thirst for the extraordinary. From serving in the British Army to becoming a renowned stuntman, Torbet’s journey has taken him to incredible heights and thrilling depths. His experiences as a paratrooper, diver, bomb-disposal officer, and maritime counterterrorism expert have laid the foundation for a career that led him to work as Daniel Craig’s stunt double in the James Bond film ‘No Time To Die’. In this article, we delve into Torbet’s action-packed life, his contributions to the entertainment industry, and the insights he shares about risk, passion, and the pursuit of adventure.

Key Takeaways

  • Andy Torbet’s 10-year service in the British Army, where he served as a paratrooper, diver, and bomb-disposal officer, laid the groundwork for his thrilling career as a stuntman.
  • His involvement in the James Bond film ‘No Time To Die’ as Daniel Craig’s stunt double showcased his exceptional skills and took him to stunning locations around the world.
  • Torbet challenges the stereotype of reckless stunt professionals, emphasizing the importance of meticulous planning, risk assessment, and adherence to safety protocols in his line of work.
  • Despite his remarkable achievements, Torbet remains humble, emphasizing that anyone can accomplish extraordinary feats by making the right choices and pursuing their passions.

A Life of Adventure

Andy Torbet’s life reads like a script from a James Bond movie. During his tenure in the British Army, he served as a paratrooper, diver, and bomb-disposal officer, operating in conflict zones such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Northern Ireland, the Falklands, and Kosovo. Additionally, he honed his expertise in maritime counterterrorism. Today, Torbet describes himself as a professional cave diver, free diver, skydiver, climber, underwater explorer, and stuntman. His vast array of skills and experiences mirrors the action-packed life of the iconic secret agent himself.

Bonding with 007

In 2019, Andy Torbet had the privilege of working as Daniel Craig’s stuntman for the film ‘No Time To Die’. Over the course of eight months, the production took him to breathtaking locations like Norway, Jamaica, Italy, Scotland, and Pinewood Studios in England. In an interview with ‘Army Cadet Magazine’, Torbet expressed his excitement at being a part of the James Bond franchise. Walking past the iconic 007 stage at Pinewood Studios filled him with awe and appreciation. The experience was both enjoyable and fulfilling for Torbet, a self-professed Bond fan.

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Beyond Stunts: The Life of Andy Torbet

Andy Torbet’s adventurous spirit extends far beyond his work as a stuntman. He is an avid speed skydiver, participating in the fastest human-powered sport in the world. Torbet is also known for his hosting roles in popular shows like ‘The One Show’, ‘Coast’, and the CBBC series ‘Beyond Bionic’. Furthermore, he has authored a book titled ‘Extreme Adventures’, which showcases his exploration of Britain’s hidden gems.


Debunking Stuntman Stereotypes

Despite the perception that stunt professionals are reckless daredevils, Torbet challenges this stereotype. He emphasizes that individuals in his field are often technically minded and excel at assessing risks. In a conversation with Alice Vickery of BFBS the Forces Station, Torbet debunked the myth of adrenaline-fueled maniacs by highlighting the importance of meticulous safety measures. Collaborating with some of the world’s best skydivers, stunt performers, and cave divers, Torbet emphasizes the role of careful planning and adherence to health and safety protocols.

The Man Behind the Adventure

Contrary to any notion of superhuman capabilities, Andy Torbet maintains humility about his achievements. Despite possessing a degree in zoology, qualifications as a mountaineering, climbing, and kayak instructor, and membership in Mensa, the renowned high IQ society, Torbet does not consider himself genetically gifted. He attributes his accomplishments to the choices he has made rather than inherent advantages. Torbet’s philosophy revolves around the notion that individuals can achieve extraordinary feats by utilizing their available resources, emphasizing that what may appear difficult from the outside is often within reach with the right mindset.

From Childhood Dreams to Realization

Torbet’s fascination with adventure began in his formative years when he joined a local diving club and participated in the Army Cadets as part of Aberdeen’s Parachute Regiment. Inspired by his older brother, who served in the Armed Forces and regaled him with tales of exploration and adventure, Torbet pursued a path that allowed him to seek thrilling experiences. For many young individuals, joining the military offers a gateway to the world and an opportunity to embark on daring escapades. This same sense of adventure motivated Torbet to join the Forces, and it continues to drive him today.

British Army veteran Andy Torbet (Picture: Martin Hartley).
British Army veteran Andy Torbet (Picture: Martin Hartley).

Balancing Risk: Stunts vs. the Military

While stunt work and military service share elements of adventure and danger, the stakes differ significantly. Torbet highlights the crucial distinction between the two realms, underscoring that military operations often require individuals to undertake substantial risks. In conflict zones like Iraq and Afghanistan, soldiers are called upon to prioritize mission objectives over personal safety, facing challenges where risk becomes an inherent part of their duties. Conversely, in the world of stunts and media work, although the occupation still carries inherent risks, the primary concern is ensuring the safety of all involved. Torbet stresses that everyone should return home unharmed at the end of the day, making safety the utmost priority in his work.

Andy Torbet served as a paratrooper, diver and bomb disposal officer (Picture: Andy Torbet).
Andy Torbet served as a paratrooper, diver and bomb disposal officer (Picture: Andy Torbet).



1. What specific skills did Andy Torbet develop during his 10 years of service in the British Army?

During his time in the British Army, Andy Torbet acquired a diverse set of skills that would later contribute to his career as a stuntman. As a paratrooper, he developed exceptional physical fitness, agility, and the ability to make split-second decisions under high-pressure situations. His role as a diver honed his underwater navigation abilities, deepened his understanding of dive physics, and sharpened his problem-solving skills. As a bomb-disposal officer, Torbet gained expertise in handling explosives, assessing and neutralizing threats, and meticulously following safety protocols. These skills, combined with his experience in maritime counterterrorism, equipped him with a unique skill set that formed the foundation for his future adventures and stunt work.


2. How did Andy Torbet become involved in the James Bond film ‘No Time To Die’?

Andy Torbet’s involvement in the James Bond film ‘No Time To Die’ stemmed from his remarkable skill set and passion for adventure. As a professional stuntman and a fan of the Bond franchise, Torbet seized the opportunity when it presented itself. His experience as a diver, skydiver, climber, and underwater explorer made him a valuable asset to the stunt team. When given the chance to work as Daniel Craig’s stunt double for the film, Torbet embraced the opportunity with enthusiasm and dedication. His eight-month-long involvement in the project took him to various captivating locations around the world, showcasing his ability to adapt to challenging environments and deliver stunning action sequences.

3. What other projects and shows has Andy Torbet been involved in besides his stunt work?

Aside from his work as a stuntman, Andy Torbet has made significant contributions to the world of media and television. He has been a familiar face on shows like ‘The One Show’, ‘Coast’, and the CBBC series ‘Beyond Bionic’, where he has showcased his passion for adventure and exploration. Torbet’s hosting roles allow him to share his experiences and knowledge with a broader audience, inspiring others to embark on their own adventures. Additionally, he authored the book ‘Extreme Adventures’, which delves into his explorations of the hidden treasures of Britain. Through these various projects, Torbet continues to engage and captivate viewers with his zest for life and his ability to push the boundaries of what is possible.

4. How does Andy Torbet address the misconception that stunt professionals are reckless daredevils?

Andy Torbet is passionate about challenging the misconception that stunt professionals are reckless individuals. He highlights that those working in the field of stunts are often highly skilled and technically minded. Their meticulous approach to risk assessment and adherence to health and safety protocols ensure the well-being of everyone involved. Torbet emphasizes that stunt performers are not adrenaline junkies, but rather individuals who excel in assessing risks and meticulously planning their actions. By working with some of the world’s best skydivers, stunt performers, and cave divers, Torbet showcases the importance of professionalism, expertise, and a commitment to ensuring everyone’s safety on set.

5. Is Andy Torbet considered a real-life action hero or a superhuman?

Despite his impressive accomplishments, Andy Torbet maintains a humble perspective. He does not consider himself a real-life action hero or a superhuman. Torbet attributes his achievements to the choices he has made and the opportunities he has pursued. While he possesses a diverse range of skills and qualifications, including a degree in zoology, being a qualified mountaineering, climbing, and kayak instructor, and his membership in Mensa, Torbet emphasizes that these attributes do not make him inherently superior to others. Instead, he believes that anyone can achieve extraordinary feats by leveraging their available resources and making choices aligned with their passions and ambitions.

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6. What motivated Andy Torbet to join the Armed Forces?

Andy Torbet’s decision to join the Armed Forces was driven by his inherent sense of adventure and his desire to explore the world. Inspired by his older brother’s tales of excitement and exploration during his own military service, Torbet saw the Forces as a means to quench his thirst for adventure and experience. Joining the military provided him with the opportunity to see the world, engage in swashbuckling endeavors, and embark on thrilling escapades. The allure of adventure and the prospect of new experiences motivated Torbet, as it does for many young individuals who seek both personal growth and the chance to make a difference.

7. How does the level of risk compare between military operations and stunt work?

While both military operations and stunt work involve elements of adventure and risk, the stakes differ significantly. In the military, individuals are often called upon to undertake significant risks in the pursuit of mission objectives. Soldiers may find themselves in conflict zones where personal safety takes a back seat to completing vital tasks. On the other hand, in the realm of stunts and media work, although inherent risks are still present, safety is paramount. Andy Torbet emphasizes that the priority in his media work is ensuring that everyone returns home safely. While both domains carry risks, the level of risk and the context in which it is encountered are markedly different.

8. How did Andy Torbet balance his passion for adventure with risk aversion?

Despite his daring pursuits and thirst for adventure, Andy Torbet recognizes the importance of risk aversion in his life. He acknowledges that calculated risk-taking is integral to his endeavors. Torbet emphasizes the significance of proper planning, meticulous risk assessments, and prioritizing safety in every undertaking. By exercising caution and maintaining a thoughtful approach to the challenges he encounters, Torbet ensures that he can pursue his passions without compromising his well-being. His ability to strike a balance between adventure and risk aversion allows him to enjoy the thrill of his experiences while minimizing unnecessary hazards.

9. What skills did Andy Torbet acquire as a bomb-disposal officer in the British Army?

During his time as a bomb-disposal officer in the British Army, Andy Torbet developed critical skills essential to safely handle and neutralize explosives. His training encompassed expertise in identifying various types of explosive devices, assessing their potential threat levels, and determining appropriate disposal methods. Torbet learned to work with precision, attention to detail, and adherence to strict safety protocols. Moreover, he gained knowledge of the complex systems and mechanisms used in explosive devices, enhancing his ability to analyze and respond to potentially dangerous situations. These skills, along with his experiences in high-pressure environments, contribute to his success as a stuntman today.

10. How does Andy Torbet perceive the difficulty of his endeavors compared to how they appear from the outside?

Andy Torbet maintains a humble perspective when evaluating the difficulty of his endeavors. Despite the challenging nature of his pursuits, he believes that they may not be as arduous as they appear from an external standpoint. Torbet emphasizes that the choices he has made and the dedication he has invested play significant roles in achieving success. While he acknowledges that his experiences require skill, training, and dedication, Torbet believes that anyone can strive for and attain similar accomplishments with the right mindset and the willingness to pursue their passions. He encourages others not to be deterred by the perceived difficulty but to embrace the possibilities that lie within their reach.


Andy Torbet’s journey from serving in the British Army to becoming a celebrated stuntman is a testament to the indomitable spirit of adventure. His experiences in conflict zones and his expertise in various extreme sports have shaped him into a remarkable individual who defies stereotypes. Torbet’s commitment to safety, meticulous planning, and technical prowess showcases the true essence of a professional stuntman. Through his captivating exploits and humble demeanor, Torbet inspires others to embrace their passions, overcome challenges, and reach for extraordinary achievements. As he continues to push boundaries and explore new frontiers, Andy Torbet exemplifies the real-life embodiment of an action hero.

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