Who would win James Bond or Vladimir Makarov?

One of the most entertaining thought experiments for fans of action movies and video games is pitting two iconic characters against each other in hypothetical battles. James Bond, the British superspy from Ian Fleming’s novels and a slew of films, and Vladimir Makarov, the menacing antagonist from the “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” series, are two such figures. In the hypothetical question of “Who would win: James Bond or Vladimir Makarov?”, there are multiple angles from which to approach the answer.

Vladimir Makarov
Vladimir Makarov

Possible Answers:

  1. Based on Skills and Training:
    • James Bond: Trained by MI6, Bond is proficient in hand-to-hand combat, marksmanship, espionage, and is equipped with various gadgets courtesy of Q branch. His experience covers a range of missions across the globe, handling various adversaries.
    • Vladimir Makarov: As the primary antagonist in Modern Warfare, Makarov is a formidable foe. With vast resources, an army of loyal followers, and ruthless tactics, he poses a significant threat. He’s also a strategist, making him dangerous not just in direct combat, but in planning and executing large-scale operations.
  2. Based on Morality and Tactics:
    • James Bond: While Bond is licensed to kill, he operates under a code of ethics, albeit flexible at times. This can either be an advantage, given his resourcefulness without resorting to absolute brutality, or a disadvantage if up against a no-holds-barred opponent.
    • Vladimir Makarov: Makarov is known for his ruthless, ends-justify-the-means approach. His willingness to sacrifice anyone, including his own men, could make him unpredictable and more difficult to combat.
  3. Based on Resources:
    • James Bond: Bond has the full backing of MI6, which means access to advanced tech, intelligence, and additional support when needed.
    • Vladimir Makarov: Makarov heads a well-funded terrorist organization, with access to military-grade weapons, a network of loyal operatives, and the element of surprise.
  4. Based on Popularity and Plot Armor:
    • James Bond: Given the immense popularity of the James Bond franchise and the fact that he’s the hero, Bond typically has what fans refer to as ‘plot armor. This means, regardless of the odds, the story often ensures he comes out on top.
    • Vladimir Makarov: As an antagonist, Makarov’s role is primarily to challenge the hero, meaning he’s designed to be overcome. However, he’s been successful in his plots throughout the Modern Warfare series, indicating he’s not easily thwarted.
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Daniel Craig As James Bond
Daniel Craig As James Bond


The outcome of a battle between James Bond and Vladimir Makarov is highly speculative and would depend on the circumstances, the setting, and the narratives spun by their creators. From a skills and resources standpoint, both characters are evenly matched, making this a tantalizing hypothetical match-up. However, considering the nature of storytelling, Bond’s status as a perennial hero might give him a slight edge. Regardless, debates like these are a testament to the rich and immersive worlds created around these characters, allowing fans to endlessly theorize and engage with their stories.

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