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The Cigar Girl In "The World Is Not Enough"

Dive into the captivating world of “The World Is Not Enough” as we explore an exhilarating chase scene that was unfortunately left on the cutting room floor. In this action-packed sequence, Cigar Girl and the notorious Renard engage in a high-stakes pursuit with the iconic Agent 007, James Bond. From the bustling streets of London to the scenic waters of the Thames River, this thrilling chase unfolds, showcasing the talents of Maria Grazia Cucinotta and delivering pulse-pounding excitement to Bond fans around the globe. Join us as we delve into the adrenaline-fueled escapade that sets the stage for an unforgettable adventure.

Key Takeaways

  • Cigar Girl’s role in “The World Is Not Enough” may have been brief, but it left a lasting impact on audiences. Despite limited screen time, Maria Grazia Cucinotta’s portrayal added an extra layer of tension and intrigue to the film.
  • The chase scene along the Thames River showcased Cigar Girl’s skills as a speedboat expert, providing heart-stopping moments as she skillfully evaded Bond’s pursuit in her agile watercraft.
  • The introduction of a hot air balloon as Cigar Girl’s escape vehicle added a unique and visually captivating element to the chase, culminating in a fiery climax that solidified her character’s fate.

Giulietta da Vinci

Cigar Girl’s Mission: To Dispose of the Delivery Boy

Following the demise of Sir Robert King, head of British oil company King Industries, a significant void was left in the heart of MI6 HQ. Cigar Girl 5, played by the talented Maria Grazia Cucinotta, embarks on her final mission—to eliminate the delivery boy, none other than the iconic Agent 007 himself, James Bond. Perched on the Thames River in a sleek Sunseeker jet, Cigar Girl sets her sights on Bond, aiming to eliminate him once and for all.


The Chase along the Thames: Q Boat vs. Speedboat

As Bond unknowingly carries a bomb destined for MI6 HQ, Cigar Girl attempts to hinder his progress. The chase unfolds along the iconic Thames River, where 007 commandeers an unfinished Q Boat in hot pursuit of his adversaries. A master of speedboat maneuvering, Cigar Girl skillfully evades Bond’s relentless pursuit, showcasing her exceptional skills behind the wheel. The thrilling chase keeps viewers on the edge of their seats as the drama unfolds amidst the scenic London backdrop.

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A Desperate Escape: Cigar Girl’s Hot Air Balloon

Despite Bond’s best efforts, Cigar Girl manages to outmaneuver him and finds an ingenious escape route—an awaiting hot air balloon. Ascending into the sky, she believes she has successfully eluded Bond’s grasp. However, MI6 helicopters swiftly arrive on the scene, threatening to cut short her getaway. In a nail-biting moment, Bond seizes the opportunity and latches onto a tether rope, refusing to let Cigar Girl escape without a fight.

A Fiery End: Cigar Girl’s Final Stand

With no way out and refusing Bond’s offer of protection, Cigar Girl confronts her imminent capture. Determined not to be taken alive, she opts for a drastic measure—shooting the gas tanks on the hot air balloon. The resulting explosion engulfs the balloon, ensuring Cigar Girl’s fiery demise. This climactic ending provides a fitting resolution to the intense chase and cements Cigar Girl’s memorable role in the Bond franchise.


Maria Grazia Cucinotta: A Rising Star’s Journey

Maria Grazia Cucinotta, the talented actress who brought Cigar Girl to life, hails from Messina, Italy. Her journey to stardom began in Milan, where she pursued modeling at the tender age of 16. However, eager to be recognized for her intellect and not just her beauty, Cucinotta moved to Rome after completing her studies.

It was on the TV show “Behind All” that Cucinotta gained her first significant breakthrough when she was signed by Renzo Arbore. Despite her success on television, she yearned for more and embarked on a career in movies. After several failed screen tests, Cucinotta’s fortune changed when she was discovered by Massimo Troisi, leading to her role as the captivating Beatrice in the acclaimed film “Il Postino.” This international success catapulted her into the spotlight, opening doors to numerous opportunities.

While initially considered for the role of Elektra King in “The World Is Not Enough,” Cucinotta’s English proficiency fell short of the requirements. Nonetheless, she left an indelible impression on audiences with her portrayal of the mysterious and lethal Cigar Girl. Subsequently, Cucinotta ventured into Hollywood, appearing in films such as “A Brooklyn State of Mind” alongside renowned actress Sharon Stone.

In addition to her acting prowess, Cucinotta continued to expand her horizons through ongoing studies and diction lessons, aimed at eliminating her Sicilian accent. She made notable appearances in various Italian films, including “I Laureati” and “Il Sindaco,” solidifying her status as a celebrated movie star in her home country. Cucinotta’s journey also encompassed guest appearances in popular TV shows like “The Sopranos” and feature films both in Italy and internationally.

Off-screen, Cucinotta has been happily married to businessman Giulio Violati since October 1995. Living in Rome, she zealously guards their privacy, deterring tabloid reporters from encroaching on their personal lives.

As we reminisce about the electrifying chase scene featuring Cigar Girl and Renard in “The World Is Not Enough,” Maria Grazia Cucinotta’s stellar performance continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Her talent and dedication to her craft make her an exceptional actress who has left an indelible mark on the Bond franchise and the world of cinema.

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1. How significant was Cigar Girl’s role in “The World Is Not Enough”?

Cigar Girl’s role in “The World Is Not Enough” may have been relatively brief, but it was undoubtedly impactful. While she did not have a significant amount of screen time, her character served as a key antagonist, adding an extra layer of tension and intrigue to the film. Cigar Girl’s mission to eliminate James Bond added a sense of urgency and danger to the plot, culminating in a thrilling chase sequence that showcased her skills and resourcefulness. Although her role was smaller compared to other characters, Maria Grazia Cucinotta’s portrayal of Cigar Girl left a lasting impression on audiences.

2. How did Maria Grazia Cucinotta’s background influence her portrayal of Cigar Girl?

Maria Grazia Cucinotta’s diverse background and experiences undoubtedly contributed to her portrayal of Cigar Girl. Having started her career as a model and later transitioning to acting, Cucinotta brought a unique blend of beauty, charisma, and talent to the role. Her Italian heritage and studies in diction allowed her to add depth and authenticity to the character’s demeanor and accent. Cucinotta’s dedication to her craft, coupled with her previous acting experiences, enabled her to infuse Cigar Girl with an air of mystery and danger, captivating audiences with her performance.

3. Why was the scene featuring Cigar Girl and Renard cut from the final movie?

The decision to cut the scene featuring Cigar Girl and Renard from the final movie can be attributed to various factors, including runtime considerations and narrative flow. Film editing often involves making tough choices to streamline the story and maintain pacing. Although the scene showcased the thrilling dynamic between Cigar Girl, Renard, and Bond, its removal may have been necessary to maintain a cohesive storyline and ensure a balanced distribution of screen time for the main characters. While unfortunate, such editing decisions are not uncommon in the filmmaking process.

4. How did Cigar Girl’s skills as a speedboat expert enhance the chase scene?

Cigar Girl’s skills as a speedboat expert played a vital role in enhancing the intensity of the chase scene. Her ability to maneuver the boat with precision and elude Bond’s pursuit showcased her agility and resourcefulness. The thrilling sequences of Cigar Girl deftly navigating through the waters of the Thames River added an extra layer of excitement to the chase. Viewers were kept on the edge of their seats as Cigar Girl’s mastery of the speedboat allowed her to outmaneuver Bond, heightening the tension and emphasizing the high-stakes nature of their pursuit.

5. How did the hot air balloon add a unique element to the chase?

The introduction of the hot air balloon as Cigar Girl’s escape vehicle added a unique and unexpected element to the chase sequence. As Bond desperately clung to the tether rope, the tension intensified, as viewers were unsure how the situation would unfold. The use of a hot air balloon not only provided a visually captivating image against the London skyline but also symbolized Cigar Girl’s attempt to rise above her pursuers. The inclusion of this unconventional escape method showcased the creativity of the filmmakers in crafting a memorable and thrilling climax to the chase.

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6. What other notable roles has Maria Grazia Cucinotta portrayed in her career?

Apart from her memorable portrayal of Cigar Girl, Maria Grazia Cucinotta has enjoyed a successful career in both Italian and international cinema. Following her breakthrough role in “Il Postino,” she continued to captivate audiences with her performances in various Italian films such as “I Laureati” and “Il Sindaco.” Cucinotta also ventured into Hollywood, appearing in films like “A Brooklyn State of Mind” and starring alongside Sharon Stone in “Picking Up the Pieces.” Additionally, she made guest appearances in popular TV shows, including an episode of “The Sopranos.” Cucinotta’s diverse filmography reflects her versatility as an actress.

7. How did Maria Grazia Cucinotta’s personal life influence her career choices?

Maria Grazia Cucinotta’s personal life, particularly her marriage to businessman Giulio Violati, has had an impact on her career choices. Living in Rome and valuing her privacy, Cucinotta has taken measures to shield her personal life from the intrusive nature of tabloid reporters. This focus on maintaining her privacy has influenced her decision to primarily work in her home country of Italy, where she enjoys a significant level of fame and recognition. By selecting projects closer to home, Cucinotta has been able to strike a balance between her professional and personal life.

8. Was Cigar Girl’s character influenced by any real-life figures or previous Bond villains?

Cigar Girl’s character in “The World Is Not Enough” was not directly influenced by any specific real-life figures or previous Bond villains. However, she embodied some of the traits commonly associated with classic Bond adversaries. Like many Bond villains, Cigar Girl possessed a mysterious allure and a dangerous skill set, making her a formidable opponent. While the character was not directly based on any specific individual, Cigar Girl’s presence in the film followed the tradition of Bond movies featuring compelling female antagonists.

9. How did Cigar Girl’s mission tie into the larger plot of “The World Is Not Enough”?

Cigar Girl’s mission to eliminate James Bond played a crucial role in the larger plot of “The World Is Not Enough.” With the death of Sir Robert King and the subsequent bombing at MI6 HQ, Cigar Girl’s final mission was to ensure that Bond did not survive to uncover the truth behind the attacks. Her pursuit of Bond throughout the film added an additional layer of danger and urgency to the overarching narrative. By targeting Bond, Cigar Girl sought to eliminate a key threat and protect the interests of the film’s main villain, Renard.

10. How did Cigar Girl’s character contribute to the overall legacy of the Bond franchise?

Cigar Girl’s character, though relatively brief in terms of screen time, made a notable contribution to the overall legacy of the Bond franchise. Her enigmatic presence and thrilling chase sequences added to the film’s excitement and served as a reminder of the danger and intrigue that has become synonymous with the Bond series. Maria Grazia Cucinotta’s portrayal of Cigar Girl left a lasting impression on audiences, showcasing the talent and depth of the actors involved in the franchise. While Cigar Girl’s role may not be as widely discussed as some of the franchise’s iconic characters, her memorable performance adds to the rich tapestry of the Bond universe.


“The World Is Not Enough” showcased the thrilling chase scene involving Cigar Girl, Renard, and the ever-resourceful James Bond. While Cigar Girl’s role may have been smaller compared to other characters, her enigmatic presence and skillful evasiveness captivated audiences. Maria Grazia Cucinotta’s portrayal brought depth and authenticity to Cigar Girl, leaving a lasting impression on viewers. This chase scene, removed from the final cut but not forgotten, exemplifies the electrifying action and suspense that has made the Bond franchise a cinematic phenomenon. So, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a heart-pounding adventure as we delve into the adrenaline-fueled world of Cigar Girl in “The World Is Not Enough.”

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