What Movie Did James Bond Drive the Alfa Romeo?

The Enigmatic Alfa Romeo's of James Bond

There’s no denying the thrill of a well-executed car chase in a James Bond film. High-speed pursuits, daring maneuvers, and of course, stylish and powerful vehicles, make these sequences stand out. Among the many sophisticated cars Bond has driven throughout the series, the Alfa Romeo brand holds a special place. This article dives into the intricate relationship between James Bond and Alfa Romeo, highlighting the films where these Italian machines played a crucial role: “Octopussy” and “Quantum of Solace.

We’ll explore the models featured in these films, the GTV6 and 159 respectively, and delve into the exciting chase scenes that left audiences on the edge of their seats. These films not only showcase Bond’s driving prowess but also the style, performance, and allure of Alfa Romeo cars. Join us as we navigate through Bond’s thrilling journeys with these Italian beauties, and delve into the details that make them so unique and iconic.


  • Alfa Romeo cars have featured prominently in two James Bond films: the GTV6 in “Octopussy” and the 159 in “Quantum of Solace.
  • These films showcase the unique style and performance of Alfa Romeo cars, enhancing their global recognition and appeal.
  • Alfa Romeo’s association with the James Bond series aligns with the brand’s image of sophistication, style, and performance.
  • Alfa Romeo cars, much like the Bond character, embody a blend of luxury, performance, and a distinct character that sets them apart.

Alfa Romeo GTV6 in Octopussy

In Octopussy, James Bond, portrayed by Roger Moore, commandeers an Alfa Romeo GTV6 to make it to the circus in time to warn a NATO General of a Soviet plot. The car is briefly shown off in a high-speed chase with the police, highlighting its sharp lines and artfully arched hatchback, a design signature carried over from its predecessor, the Alfetta GT.

This Alfa Romeo was the most popular sports coupe ever made by the company at the time, and one of the ‘hottest’ affordable sports cars in Europe in the 1980s. Its design elements, such as larger bumpers and black trim, were typical trends of the era. The car was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, one of the most famous automobile designers, who also worked on the Lotus Esprit that stars in The Spy Who Loved Me​1​.


Alfa Romeo 159 in Quantum of Solace

Quantum of Solace, released in 2008, features a thrilling car chase scene involving Bond in his Aston Martin DBS being pursued by villains in black Alfa Romeo 159 sedans. Filmed near Limone around Lake Garda in Italy, the high-speed chase took place on dangerous roads and involved many risks, even leading to a serious accident involving two stunt drivers. Several Alfa Romeos were completely destroyed during filming.

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To celebrate its appearance in Quantum of Solace, Alfa Romeo released a James Bond Limited Edition Alfa Romeo 159 in the UK. This special edition replicated the look of the car in the film, including its black color, lowered base, red Brembo brake calipers, and 19-inch wheels. The car had a 1.9 litre JtdM diesel engine producing 150hp, which, while not quite enough to keep up with a DBS, could easily reach illegal speeds on curvy roads. The interior featured black leather seats and red illuminated dashboard details. The special edition was limited to 250 units and sold for £22,000, approximately €27,000 or $37,000​2​.

Alfa Romeo and James Bond: A Thrilling Partnership

The inclusion of Alfa Romeo cars in the James Bond universe signifies a thrilling partnership that beautifully merges style, speed, and high-octane action. Whether it’s the GTV6 in Octopussy or the 159 in Quantum of Solace, these cars have added an extra layer of excitement to the iconic chase scenes that the Bond franchise is famous for.





1. What other vehicles has James Bond driven in the film series?

James Bond is known for his impressive collection of vehicles throughout the film series. These range from cars to submarines and even spacecraft! The most iconic vehicle associated with Bond is undoubtedly the Aston Martin DB5, first appearing in the film “Goldfinger” (1964). This car became such a staple that it has reappeared in several other Bond movies, including “Thunderball,” “GoldenEye,” “Skyfall,” and “Spectre.

However, Bond’s garage extends far beyond the Aston Martin. Over the years, he has driven a Lotus Esprit that transforms into a submarine in “The Spy Who Loved Me,” a BMW Z8 in “The World is Not Enough,” and even a Ford Mustang Mach 1 in “Diamonds Are Forever.” Bond’s vehicles are a testament to his class, style, and the high-stakes world in which he operates.

2. What other movies feature Alfa Romeo cars prominently?

Alfa Romeo cars have been featured in a number of other films beyond the James Bond series. In “The Graduate” (1967), Dustin Hoffman’s character drives an Alfa Romeo Spider, a car that became almost as iconic as the movie itself. “Octane” (2003) is another film where an Alfa Romeo, specifically a 156, plays a significant role.

Alfa Romeo cars have also appeared in numerous Italian films, as the brand is one of Italy’s most renowned. They’ve been driven by characters in films like “La Dolce Vita” and “Il Sorpasso.” These appearances often serve to underline the characters’ style, sophistication, or their connection to Italy.

3. How does the Alfa Romeo GTV6 compare to the Alfa Romeo 159?

The Alfa Romeo GTV6 and the Alfa Romeo 159 are both iconic cars, but they offer different characteristics. The GTV6, released in the early 1980s, is a sports coupe known for its sharp lines and artful design, boasting a 2.5-liter V6 engine with 160 horsepower.

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On the other hand, the Alfa Romeo 159 is a four-door saloon that offers a blend of luxury and performance. It’s powered by a 3.2-liter V6 engine capable of producing 260 horsepower. It’s a more recent model than the GTV6, having been released in the mid-2000s.

Both vehicles offer the quality and style expected from Alfa Romeo, but they cater to different needs and preferences. The GTV6 is more of a classic sports car, while the 159 offers luxury and comfort along with performance.

4. Who are the villains in Octopussy and Quantum of Solace?

In “Octopussy,” the main antagonist is Kamal Khan, an exiled Afghan prince who collaborates with a dangerous Soviet general, Orlov. They hatch a plot to detonate a nuclear bomb at a US Air Force base in Germany to weaken NATO’s defenses and enable a Soviet invasion of Western Europe.

In “Quantum of Solace,” the villain is Dominic Greene, a businessman and member of the Quantum organization, which is revealed to be a criminal network. Greene seeks to control Bolivia’s water supply to establish a monopoly, using his legitimate business as a cover for his nefarious activities.

Both villains provide formidable challenges for James Bond, forcing him to rely on his wits, skills, and of course, his trusty Alfa Romeo vehicles to thwart their plans.

5. How do the car chase scenes in Octopussy and Quantum of Solace compare?

The car chase scenes in “Octopussy” and “Quantum of Solace” areboth thrilling, but they offer different kinds of excitement. In “Octopussy,” the chase involves Bond driving the Alfa Romeo GTV6 at high speed to evade the police. The sequence is full of tension and showcases Bond’s driving skills, as well as the car’s performance.

In “Quantum of Solace,” the chase is even more intense. Bond, in his Aston Martin DBS, is pursued by villains in Alfa Romeo 159s. The chase takes place on dangerous, curvy roads near Lake Garda in Italy, pushing the cars and their drivers to the limit. The stakes are high, and the scene includes plenty of action and destruction, with several cars being completely destroyed during filming.

Both scenes are memorable for different reasons. The chase in “Octopussy” is more of a classic Bond chase, while the one in “Quantum of Solace” offers a grittier, more dangerous feel.

6. How has the portrayal of James Bond changed from Octopussy to Quantum of Solace?

The portrayal of James Bond has evolved significantly from “Octopussy” to “Quantum of Solace.” In “Octopussy,” Bond, played by Roger Moore, is depicted as a suave, charming, and somewhat lighthearted character, in line with Moore’s interpretation of the role. The film is known for its humor and exotic locations, typical of the Bond films from this era.

In contrast, “Quantum of Solace,” with Daniel Craig as Bond, presents a darker, more serious interpretation of the character. Craig’s Bond is more physical, intense, and shows a deeper emotional complexity. The film reflects a shift in the franchise towards more serious themes and a grittier aesthetic, reflecting changes in audience tastes and expectations for action films.

Despite these changes, the essence of the character – a highly skilled agent with a taste for luxury, fast cars, and high-stakes action – remains consistent.

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7. Who are some of the key people behind the creation of the Alfa Romeo GTV6 and 159?

The Alfa Romeo GTV6 owes its design to Giorgetto Giugiaro, one of the most famous automobile designers of all time. He helped design the Alfetta, the predecessor of the GTV6. Giugiaro is known for his innovative and influential designs, having worked on other iconic cars like the Lotus Esprit and DeLorean DMC-12.

The Alfa Romeo 159, on the other hand, was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro in collaboration with the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo. The Centro Stile, Alfa Romeo’s in-house design team, is responsible for maintaining the brand’s design philosophy and ensuring the cars reflect Alfa Romeo’s heritage and values.

Both cars reflect the designers’ commitment to creating vehicles that combine style, performance, and the unique character of Alfa Romeo.

8. How do Alfa Romeo cars reflect Italian culture and style?

Alfa Romeo cars are often seen as a reflection of Italian culture and style. They’re known for their elegance, flair, and passion, much like Italy itself. Alfa Romeo cars are often associated with Italian luxury and sophistication, but they also embody the country’s passion for performance and speed, reflecting Italy’s rich motorsport heritage.

Furthermore, Alfa Romeo’s design philosophy often incorporates elements of Italian style. This can be seen in the sleek lines, attention to detail, and the blend of functionality and aesthetics in their cars. Whether it’s the classic GTV6 or the more modern 159, Alfa Romeo cars encapsulate the essence of Italian style and passion for automobiles.

9. How have Alfa Romeo cars evolved over the years?

Alfa Romeohas a rich history that spans over a century, and the evolution of its cars reflects this. From their origins in the early 20th century, Alfa Romeo cars have always been known for their performance, style, and Italian craftsmanship. Early models like the 24HP and RL were renowned for their success in motorsport, establishing Alfa Romeo’s reputation for performance.

In the post-war era, Alfa Romeo started producing more mass-market cars without losing its focus on performance and style. The Alfa Romeo Giulietta in the 1950s and the Giulia in the 1960s are examples of this, offering sporty performance in practical, everyday cars.

More recent models like the GTV6 and 159 continue this tradition, offering luxury, style, and performance. The GTV6 is a classic sports car with a distinctive style, while the 159 is a blend of luxury and performance, offering a more modern design and advanced features. Despite the changes over the years, Alfa Romeo has maintained its unique character and commitment to Italian style and performance.

10. What impact has the James Bond series had on the Alfa Romeo brand?

The James Bond series has had a significant impact on the Alfa Romeo brand, helping to elevate its global recognition. By featuring Alfa Romeo cars in high-profile chase scenes, the films have showcased the performance, style, and capabilities of these vehicles to a global audience.

Moreover, the association with James Bond – a character known for his sophistication, style, and taste for luxury – aligns well with the Alfa Romeo brand. It reinforces the perception of Alfa Romeo cars as high-performance, stylish, and desirable vehicles. This has likely contributed to the brand’s appeal and its reputation for producing cars that offer a unique blend of luxury, performance, and Italian style.


The James Bond series has left an indelible mark on pop culture, with its iconic characters, thrilling plotlines, and, of course, the spectacular array of vehicles. The inclusion of Alfa Romeo cars in “Octopussy” and “Quantum of Solace” showcases the brand’s appeal and performance, contributing to its global recognition and reputation. These films serve as a testament to Alfa Romeo’s commitment to style, performance, and Italian craftsmanship.

As we wrap up our journey through Bond’s adventures with Alfa Romeo, we are reminded of the unique appeal of these Italian machines. Alfa Romeo’s association with the world’s most famous spy underscores the brand’s commitment to delivering cars that are not just modes of transport, but a statement of style, power, and sophistication. Whether you’re a Bond fan, a car enthusiast, or simply a lover of cinematic car chases, these films provide a thrilling ride, courtesy of Alfa Romeo.

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