What did Roger Moore act in BEFORE his role as James Bond 007?

Roger Moore, the legendary actor known for his portrayal of James Bond 007, had a rich and diverse career in the world of entertainment before taking on the iconic role of the suave secret agent. In this article, we’ll explore the notable roles and projects that shaped Roger Moore’s path to becoming Bond, James Bond.

“Ivanhoe” (1958):

Roger Moore’s journey to stardom began with the British television series “Ivanhoe,” where he portrayed Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe. This early role showcased his talent and laid the foundation for his future success in the entertainment industry.

"Ivanhoe" (1958): Roger Moore
“Ivanhoe” (1958): Roger Moore
“The Alaskans” (1959-1960):

A stepping stone in Moore’s career, he played the character Silky Harris in the American Western series “The Alaskans.” This role helped him gain recognition on both sides of the Atlantic.

"The Alaskans" (1959-1960)
“The Alaskans” (1959-1960)
“Maverick” (1960-1961):

Moore made a memorable guest appearance as Beau Maverick in the popular Western series “Maverick.” His charisma and acting prowess were becoming increasingly evident to audiences.

"Maverick" (1960-1961)
“Maverick” (1960-1961)


“The Saint” (1962-1969):

“The Saint” marked a turning point in Roger Moore’s career. He portrayed Simon Templar, a suave and charming character who solved mysteries and righted wrongs. This role served as a precursor to his portrayal of James Bond and solidified his status as a leading man in television.

Exploring Roger Moore as The Saint.
Roger Moore as The Saint.
“The Persuaders!” (1971-1972):

In “The Persuaders!,” Moore starred as Lord Brett Sinclair, a wealthy playboy turned amateur detective. This British television series showcased his versatility and further endeared him to viewers.

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"The Persuaders!" (1971-1972
“The Persuaders!” (1971-1972
“The Man Who Haunted Himself” (1970):

Roger Moore’s film career flourished with “The Man Who Haunted Himself,” a psychological thriller where he played the lead character, Harold Pelham. This film highlighted his dramatic depth and acting range.

"The Man Who Haunted Himself" (1970): Roger Moore
“The Man Who Haunted Himself” (1970): Roger Moore
“Gold” (1974):

In “Gold,” Moore portrayed Rodney Slater, a character entangled in a daring gold heist. This adventure film showcased his ability to tackle action-packed roles with finesse.

"Gold" (1974)
“Gold” (1974)



Before donning the iconic tuxedo of James Bond, Roger Moore’s journey through film and television was marked by a series of diverse and captivating roles. From his early days in “Ivanhoe” to his charismatic portrayal of Simon Templar in “The Saint,” Moore’s career was a testament to his talent and versatility. These pre-Bond experiences laid the groundwork for his unforgettable tenure as James Bond 007, forever cementing his place in cinematic history.

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