Unforgettable Nadja Regin as Bonita in Goldfinger !

Nadja Regin’s portrayal of Bonita in the 1964 film “Goldfinger” has left an indelible mark on audiences worldwide. As a cosmopolitan actress, Nadja brought her unique charm and talent to the role, captivating viewers with her unforgettable performance.

Nadja Regin was a Serbian-British actress and author known for her work in film and television. She was born on December 2, 1931, in Nis, Yugoslavia (now Serbia), and passed away on April 6, 2019, in London, United Kingdom. Here is a brief biography and filmography of Nadja Regin:


Nadja Regin was born Nadezda Poderegin and later adopted the stage name Nadja Regin. She began her acting career in her home country of Yugoslavia before moving to the United Kingdom in the 1950s to pursue a career in British cinema.

Throughout her career, she appeared in several films and television series, earning recognition for her performances. In addition to acting, she was also a writer, having penned novels and screenplays.


Nadja Regin
Nadja Regin

A Cosmopolitan Actress with a Memorable Role

Nadja Regin, a talented actress with a cosmopolitan background, made waves with her role as Bonita in “Goldfinger. Born in Yugoslavia and later moving to Britain, Nadja quickly picked up English and established herself as an actress known for playing sexy or spy-like characters. Prior to her iconic portrayal in “Goldfinger,” Nadja had appeared as Kerim Bey’s girlfriend in “From Russia with Love.”

One of the most unforgettable scenes in “Goldfinger” is when James Bond, played by Sean Connery, cleverly uses Bonita as a shield by catching an assailant’s reflection in her eye. This close-up shot became an iconic moment in the film. Nadja later described her time on the set of “Goldfinger” as a fun and enjoyable experience, cherishing the opportunity to work with renowned cast and crew members.

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Nadja Regin
Nadja Regin


Despite the glamour and fame that came with the premiere of “Goldfinger,” Nadja remained down-to-earth and unaffected. Having endured more intimidating situations during the war, she maintained a sense of grace and humility throughout her career. Unfortunately, this accent, which added a certain charm to her performances, led to Nadja missing out on a role in another film directed by Guy Hamilton, as her accent was not considered believable enough for the part.

A Diverse and Accomplished Career

Following her time in front of the cameras, Nadja Regin transitioned to working behind the scenes in the film industry. She later became a published author, releasing her own e-book novel. Nadja’s career exemplifies her versatility and passion for storytelling, both on and off screen.

Despite the missed opportunity and challenges along the way, Nadja Regin’s legacy as Bonita in “Goldfinger” remains indelible. Her captivating performance as a double-crossing belly dancer solidified her place in film history, and her cosmopolitan background added a unique flair to her roles. Today, audiences can still experience the magic of Nadja’s portrayal by revisiting the timeless classic that is “Goldfinger”.

Nadja Regin’s Filmography
“Goldfinger” (1964)
“From Russia with Love” (1963)
Various other film and TV appearances
Nadja Regin an kerim bey in "From Russia with Love"
Nadja Regin and kerim bey in “From Russia with Love”

The Magic of Goldfinger and Bonita

“Goldfinger” (1964) is a classic James Bond film that captivated audiences with its thrilling story, British spy charm, and unforgettable characters like Bonita. This iconic movie is widely regarded as one of the best James Bond films ever made and has become a timeless classic in the realm of spy cinema.

Set against a backdrop of international intrigue, “Goldfinger” takes viewers on a heart-pounding journey as James Bond, played by the legendary Sean Connery, uncovers a plot to irradiate the gold reserves at Fort Knox. The film’s gripping narrative, intense action sequences, and masterful direction by Guy Hamilton have solidified its place as a staple in the James Bond franchise.

At the center of this cinematic masterpiece is Nadja Regin’s portrayal of Bonita, the sultry and double-crossing belly dancer. Regin’s performance as Bonita added a layer of intrigue and sensuality to the film, captivating audiences with her magnetic presence on screen. One of the most memorable moments is when Bond cleverly uses Bonita as a shield, catching an assailant’s reflection in her eye, showcasing the film’s ingenuity and attention to detail.

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Nadja Regin’s filmography includes various roles in both British and international films. Here are some of her notable film appearances:

  1. The Man Inside (1958) – She had a minor role in this British crime drama film.
  2. The Secret Man (1958) – Nadja appeared in this espionage thriller.
  3. The Third Man (1959) – She had a small role in this classic British film directed by Carol Reed.
  4. Serena (1962) – A British drama film in which she played a supporting role.
  5. From Russia with Love (1963) – Nadja Regin had a role as a Bond girl in this iconic James Bond film, playing the character Kerim Bey’s mistress.
  6. Goldfinger (1964) – She also appeared in another James Bond film, playing Bonita in the pre-credits sequence.
  7. The Saint (TV Series, 1966) – Nadja had a guest role in an episode titled “The Queen’s Ransom.”
  8. The Beatles (TV Series, 1967) – She appeared in the episode “Ticket to Ride” as Susan.
  9. Hammerhead (1968) – A British crime drama film in which she played the character Angela.
  10. Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mamma’s Hung You in the Closet and I’m Feelin’ So Sad (1967) – She appeared in this comedy film.
  11. The Saint (TV Series, 1968) – Nadja Regin returned to the series for another guest role in an episode titled “The People Importers.”
  12. The Body Stealers (1969) – She played the role of Hilda Gunnarsson in this British science fiction film.

Behind the Scenes with Nadja Regin

Nadja Regin found joy and excitement during her time on the set of “Goldfinger”, which included memorable moments and the start of a new chapter in her career. One of the highlights was the infamous close-up shot of her eye, which became an iconic image in the film. As Bond used her as a shield, catching an assailant’s reflection in her eye, Nadja’s performance added a layer of suspense and intrigue to the scene.

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Nadja Regin
Nadja Regin

Working behind the cameras after leaving acting, Nadja Regin continued to contribute to the film industry. Her experiences on the set of “Goldfinger” inspired her to explore new creative endeavors. She later published her own e-book novel, showcasing her talent as a writer and storyteller.

Nadja’s time on the set of “Goldfinger” was not without challenges. Despite her remarkable performance in the film, she missed out on a role in another film by director Guy Hamilton due to concerns about the believability of her accent. However, Nadja’s resilience and determination propelled her to find success in other projects, demonstrating her versatility and commitment to her craft.

Nadja Regin and sean connery behind the scene
Nadja Regin and sean connery behind the scene “Goldfinger”

The Magic of “Goldfinger”

The allure of “Goldfinger” as a film played an integral role in Nadja Regin’s experience on set. Directed by Guy Hamilton, the movie became a classic in the James Bond franchise, capturing the attention of audiences worldwide. Its blend of action, suspense, and sophisticated British charm solidified its place in pop culture history.

Nadja Regin as Bonita in “Goldfinger” Film Facts
“Goldfinger” Release Year 1964
Director Guy Hamilton
Genre British Spy Film
Lead Actor Sean Connery

Through her performance as Bonita, Nadja Regin had a lasting impact on the film and the character’s place within the story. Her portrayal added depth and complexity to the narrative, cementing her status as an unforgettable talent in the industry.

Discover The Golden Bond Girl !
Discover The Golden Bond Girl !



Q: Who is Nadja Regin?

A: Nadja Regin was a cosmopolitan actress best known for her role as Bonita in the 1964 James Bond film “Goldfinger.”

Q: What other movies did Nadja Regin appear in?

A: Nadja Regin also appeared as Kerim Bey’s girlfriend in “From Russia with Love.”

Q: What was Nadja Regin’s experience on the set of “Goldfinger”?

A: Nadja Regin described her time on the set of “Goldfinger” as a fun and memorable experience. One of the most memorable scenes in the film is when Bond uses Bonita as a shield.

Q: What happened to Nadja Regin after leaving the acting profession?

A: After leaving acting, Nadja Regin worked behind the cameras and later published her own e-book novel.

Q: Did Nadja Regin miss out on any film roles?

A: Yes, Nadja Regin missed out on a role in another film by director Guy Hamilton due to her accent not being considered believable enough.

Q: How did Nadja Regin remain unaffected by the glamour of the film industry?

A: Despite the glamour of the film’s premiere, Nadja Regin remained unaffected, having experienced much more intimidating situations during the war.

Q: What is Nadja Regin’s legacy?

A: Nadja Regin’s portrayal of Bonita in “Goldfinger” left a lasting legacy in the film industry and among fans worldwide.

Q: Where can I watch or revisit the film “Goldfinger”?

A: You can experience the magic of Nadja Regin’s performance in “Goldfinger” by watching or revisiting the film.

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