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The Intrigue of "Never Say Never Again" in North Africa

Join us on a thrilling journey as we delve into the captivating world of “Never Say Never Again,” a classic Bond film that takes us on a high-stakes mission across North Africa. In this action-packed adventure, SPECTRE manages to steal two nuclear missiles from NATO, setting the stage for a race against time to prevent catastrophic consequences. As we follow Bond and Domino’s pursuit of the hidden bomb, we uncover the secrets behind a cryptic pendant, a diamond with a mysterious inscription, and the unexpected choice of Eritrea’s coastline as the backdrop for this suspenseful tale.

"Never Say Never Again"
“Never Say Never Again”

The code name used for the SPECTRE nuclear hijacking mission in “Never Say Never Again” is also the famous location referred to in the Arabic inscription found on a valuable pendant that Maximilian Largo, the master spy of SPECTRE portrayed by Klaus Maria Brandauer, presents to his lover, Domino Petachi, played by Kim Basinger. Largo elucidates, “The Prophet shed tears for the desolation of the desert, and these tears created a well.”

Interestingly, the pendant’s surface conceals a hidden map, with the diamond indicating the precise location of the Tears of Allah, now a sprawling underground archaeological excavation. This excavation site also happens to be the starting point of a substantial Middle Eastern oil field, where SPECTRE has positioned its second hijacked atomic bomb. James Bond, portrayed by Sean Connery, and Felix Leiter, played by Bernie Casey, approach this location using XT-7B flying platforms. They don wet suits, enter a well, navigate through an underwater passage, and ultimately reach the excavation site. Assisted by divers from a US nuclear submarine, Bond and Leiter launch an assault against Maximilian Largo’s SPECTRE operatives.

Klaus Maria Brandauer as Maximilian Largo
Klaus Maria Brandauer as Maximilian Largo


Unveiling the Clues: Bond, Leiter, and the Intricate Map

While aboard the American submarine, Bond, accompanied by his ally Leiter and Domino, examines a set of charts depicting the area where Largo’s yacht is anchored. These meticulously detailed charts provide crucial information, allowing them to identify the coastline and piece together vital clues. Bond astutely points out that the diamond’s location on the map aligns precisely with the starting point of the oil fields. Although Largo’s ultimate plan for the nuclear bomb remains unclear, this ambiguity is not unexpected in the world of Bond, where intrigue and suspense thrive.

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Felix Leiter (Bernie Casey)
Felix Leiter (Bernie Casey)

The Astonishing Bay: An Unexpected Location in Eritrea

Surprisingly, the bay where Largo has chosen to anchor his yacht is located in the captivating country of Eritrea, situated in northeast Africa. Domino had earlier mentioned to Bond that their destination was North Africa, specifically Largo’s home, Palmyra. However, as previously revealed, the scenes set in Palmyra were actually filmed in the picturesque south of France, far removed from Eritrea’s borders. The remaining scenes depicting North Africa were shot in Spain, as credited in the film’s end titles.

The reasoning behind selecting this particular Eritrean coastline for the movie remains undisclosed, leaving fans and cinephiles intrigued by the decision-making process.

Domino Petachi, played by Kim Basinger
Domino Petachi, played by Kim Basinger

Uncharted Territory: A Journey Yet to be Explored

Regrettably, I have not yet had the opportunity to personally visit Eritrea and do not have immediate plans for such a venture. However, the allure of its unexplored landscapes and cultural heritage beckons to adventurous travelers and Bond enthusiasts alike. Eritrea’s rich history, including its role as a backdrop for the thrilling “Never Say Never Again,” contributes to its mystique as an off-the-beaten-path destination worth discovering.

Sean Connery and Domino Petachi, played by Kim Basinger
Sean Connery and Domino Petachi, played by Kim Basinger

Brandauer’s Largo: A Villainous Portrait and Critical Reception

Reflecting on the portrayal of Largo, played by Klaus Maria Brandauer, it is widely regarded that his depiction falls short in comparison to other memorable Bond villains. Brandauer’s character lacks the menacing charisma and cunning that have defined some of the franchise’s most iconic antagonists. In an attempt to delve deeper into this critique, I have assembled a video that presents compelling arguments supporting this perspective. Feel free to enjoy and form your own opinion.


1. What is the significance of the pendant and the diamond in “Never Say Never Again”?

The pendant and diamond hold great significance in the film. Largo entrusts Domino with the pendant, which contains a small diamond that marks the location of the hidden nuclear bomb. The diamond itself is a valuable object, but its true importance lies in the fact that it serves as a key to deciphering the bomb’s whereabouts. It becomes a focal point for Bond and Domino as they try to unravel the secret behind “the tears of Allah” and prevent the catastrophic consequences of the stolen missile.

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2. How accurate are the charts used by Bond and Leiter aboard the submarine?

The charts aboard the submarine provide a precise representation of the area where Largo’s yacht is anchored. Bond, Leiter, and Domino meticulously study these charts to identify the coastline and gather crucial information about the mission. The accuracy of the charts allows Bond to make a significant observation: the diamond’s location on the map corresponds with the starting point of the oil fields. This observation serves as a pivotal clue, guiding Bond in his pursuit to uncover Largo’s plans and the hidden missile.

3. Why was Eritrea chosen as the filming location for the bay in the movie?

The choice to film the bay scene in Eritrea adds an unexpected and exotic element to the film. While the actual Palmyra location mentioned in the story is not in Eritrea but rather in the south of France, the decision to portray North Africa in Eritrea’s stunning coastline adds a unique visual appeal. The filmmakers likely sought a location that captured the essence of North Africa while also providing a picturesque backdrop for the action. Eritrea’s rugged coastal landscapes and diverse topography likely played a role in its selection, creating a captivating setting for Bond’s pursuit of Largo.

4. Is Eritrea a popular tourist destination?

Eritrea remains a relatively unexplored tourist destination, attracting adventurous travelers seeking off-the-beaten-path experiences. The country boasts a rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes, including pristine coastline, historical sites, and unique architecture. Eritrea’s capital city, Asmara, is renowned for its well-preserved Italian colonial architecture, while Massawa offers stunning Red Sea views and a glimpse into the country’s maritime history. Despite its tourism potential, Eritrea has yet to gain widespread popularity, making it an intriguing destination for those seeking authenticity and exploration.

5. What other notable locations were used to depict North Africa in the film?

Apart from Eritrea, the filmmakers also chose Spain as a filming location to depict other scenes set in North Africa. Spain’s diverse landscapes and architectural styles allowed for the creation of visually compelling backdrops that evoked the essence of the region. This blending of different locations seamlessly contributes to the overall cinematic experience, transporting audiences to the world of “Never Say Never Again” and its North African setting.

6. Why is Klaus Maria Brandauer’s portrayal of Largo considered subpar?

Klaus Maria Brandauer’s portrayal of Largo has received criticism for lacking the depth and menace associated with iconic Bond villains. Brandauer’s performance falls short in capturing the charisma and cunning that often define memorable antagonists in the Bond franchise. While opinions may vary, some viewers find his character’s portrayal to be less compelling and captivating compared to other formidable adversaries Bond has faced over the years.

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7. How does “Never Say Never Again” compare to other Bond films?

“Never Say Never Again” is a unique entry in the Bond film series. It stands out as a remake of the earlier Bond film, “Thunderball,” exploring a different interpretation of the story. While not part of the official Bond canon, the film offers an intriguing alternative take on the character and his adventures. It is often discussed in the context of Bond’s evolving legacy, providing a fresh perspective for fans to appreciate.

8. Are there any connections between SPECTRE’s actions in “Never Say Never Again” and other Bond films?

“Never Say Never Again” exists as a standalone film with no direct connections to other Bond movies. However, SPECTRE, the notorious organization featured in the film, has been a recurring antagonist in various Bond adventures. The theme of global terrorism and high-stakes espionage remains consistent throughout the franchise, with different films exploring different aspects of Bond’s encounters with SPECTRE and its nefarious schemes.

9. What makes “Never Say Never Again” a must-watch for Bond fans?

“Never Say Never Again” offers Bond fans a fresh take on a familiar story, presenting an alternate version of the events depicted in “Thunderball.” The film showcases Sean Connery’s return to the role of Bond, adding a nostalgic and captivating element for fans of the classic Bond era. With its action-packed sequences, intriguing plot twists, and exotic locations, “Never Say Never Again” provides an entertaining and worthwhile experience for both devoted Bond enthusiasts and casual viewers alike.

10. Does “Never Say Never Again” align with the traditional Bond formula?

While “Never Say Never Again” deviates from the traditional Bond formula due to its unique production circumstances and status as a non-canonical film, it still incorporates many elements that define the Bond franchise. The film showcases thrilling action sequences, charismatic characters, and a global espionage narrative. Despite its distinct nature, “Never Say Never Again” remains a captivating addition to the Bond cinematic universe and an intriguing exploration of the iconic spy’s adventures.


In “Never Say Never Again,” the captivating world of James Bond comes alive as we follow his quest to prevent SPECTRE’s sinister plan. From the hidden nuclear bomb to the enigmatic clues embedded in a diamond pendant, this film takes us on a rollercoaster ride of suspense, action, and unexpected twists. The choice of Eritrea’s coastline as the backdrop for the bay scenes adds an exotic allure to the story, immersing us in the mystique of North Africa.

As we explore the secrets and unravel the mysteries alongside Bond and Domino, we witness the clash between heroes and villains in a battle that could determine the fate of nations. Although Klaus Maria Brandauer’s portrayal of Largo may have fallen short for some, the film’s unique interpretation and Sean Connery’s return to the role provide a nostalgic and captivating experience for Bond enthusiasts.

“Never Say Never Again” captivates audiences with its blend of intrigue, stunning locations, and the iconic elements that define the Bond franchise. So, join us on this thrilling adventure, where espionage and danger lurk around every corner, and experience the excitement of uncovering the secrets hidden within the sands of North Africa.

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