The Mercedes-Benz S 300

in James Bond's SkyFall

In the action-packed film SkyFall, the iconic character James Bond, portrayed by Daniel Craig, embarks on a thrilling adventure that takes him from the vibrant streets of Shanghai to the architectural marvels of London. Alongside Bond’s daring escapades, one of the standout elements of the movie is the sleek black Mercedes-Benz S 300 that he commandeers during a high-stakes chase. This article dives into the details of the Mercedes-Benz S 300’s role in the film, its significance as a luxury flagship model, and the filming locations that brought its action sequences to life. Let’s delve into the world of Bond, luxury cars, and the captivating allure of the Mercedes-Benz S 300.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Mercedes-Benz S 300 in SkyFall is a real car belonging to the esteemed S-Class lineup of Mercedes-Benz, representing luxury, performance, and cutting-edge technology.
  • The S 300’s appearance in the film adds sophistication to James Bond’s character, aligning with his preference for stylish and high-performance vehicles.
  • Filming took place in Shanghai, showcasing the city’s vibrant streets and the iconic Yan’an elevated road with its mesmerizing blue neon lights.
  • In London, scenes featuring the Mercedes-Benz S 300 were filmed at the Heron building, adding a sense of grandeur and modernity to the film.

Mercedes-Benz S 300: A Flagship Model with Remarkable Features

The car featured in the film is a Mercedes-Benz S 300, specifically the face-lift model with the chassis code W221, most likely from the year 2011. With its elegant design and luxurious features, the S 300 truly represents the flagship status of Mercedes-Benz. This particular version of the S-class was primarily available in Asia, although a similar car, the S 280, was sold in the UK and Ireland.

A Glimpse at the Car’s Appearance and Specifications

The interior of the Mercedes-Benz S 300 seen in SkyFall boasts a stylish tan color, complementing the vehicle’s overall aesthetic. One distinctive detail is the license plate with the registration number K Q1578, adding a touch of authenticity to the film. Furthermore, the car is equipped with the standard 7-spoke light-alloy 17″ wheels, accentuating its sporty yet sophisticated look.


Filming Locations: Shanghai and London

To capture the exhilarating chase scenes involving the Mercedes-Benz S 300, the film crew embarked on shooting in two prominent cities: Shanghai and London.

From the 20th to the 23rd of January 2012, the second unit of the production filmed the Mercedes-Benz in pursuit of Patrice’s taxi on the vibrant streets of Shanghai. Notably, the Yan’an elevated road, adorned with mesmerizing blue neon lights, served as a visually striking backdrop for the thrilling chase. During this shoot, Daniel Craig, unfortunately, was not present on set, as this portion focused mainly on capturing the car’s action sequences.

Screenshot from the film, which shows the S 300 labelphoto © United Artists, Danjaq LLC
Screenshot from the film, which shows the S 300 label
photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC

On January 29th, 2012, the filming shifted to the Heron building in central London, where shots of Bond (Craig) in the car were taken. These scenes showcased Bond meticulously checking his Walther gun and observing Patrice as he entered a towering skyscraper. A snapshot posted on Twitter by a user named jelliedeels provides a glimpse of this particular filming location in London, featuring Daniel Craig alongside the Mercedes-Benz S 300.


The Mercedes-Benz S 300: A Memorable Addition to the James Bond Legacy

The inclusion of the Mercedes-Benz S 300 in SkyFall adds another remarkable vehicle to the extensive lineup of iconic cars featured in James Bond movies. Known for its blend of style, sophistication, and cutting-edge technology, the S 300 embodies the spirit of luxury and performance that defines the Bond franchise.

Whether it’s the gripping chase scenes on the streets of Shanghai or the intense moments in London’s architectural marvels, the Mercedes-Benz S 300 serves as a perfect companion to Daniel Craig’s portrayal of James Bond, amplifying the excitement and intrigue that fans have come to expect from the legendary spy.

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1. What is the significance of the Mercedes-Benz S 300 in SkyFall?

The Mercedes-Benz S 300 holds great significance in SkyFall as it serves as James Bond’s vehicle of choice during a thrilling chase scene. Its inclusion in the film adds a touch of sophistication and luxury to the character of Bond, aligning perfectly with the iconic spy’s preference for stylish and high-performance automobiles. The S 300’s sleek design, combined with its powerful performance, captures the essence of Bond’s persona and enhances the overall cinematic experience.

2. Is the Mercedes-Benz S 300 a real car?

Yes, the Mercedes-Benz S 300 is indeed a real car. It belongs to the esteemed S-Class lineup offered by Mercedes-Benz, known for its premium features, advanced technology, and luxurious driving experience. While the specific variant featured in SkyFall might have been tailored for the film, the S 300 model itself exists and has been available primarily in Asia. Its inclusion in the movie adds an air of exclusivity and prestige to both the car and the character of James Bond.

3. Can I buy the exact same Mercedes-Benz S 300 seen in SkyFall?

The exact Mercedes-Benz S 300 seen in SkyFall might be challenging to find as it was a specific version of the S-Class produced for the Asian market. However, Mercedes-Benz offers a wide range of S-Class models globally, featuring similar design elements, luxurious interiors, and cutting-edge technology. By exploring the current lineup of S-Class vehicles from Mercedes-Benz, you can find models that embody the same spirit of elegance and performance showcased in the film.

4. Were the chase scenes involving the Mercedes-Benz S 300 filmed on location in Shanghai?

Yes, the chase scenes involving the Mercedes-Benz S 300 were filmed on location in Shanghai. The production team captured the vibrant streets of this bustling city, providing an authentic backdrop for the exhilarating pursuit between James Bond and the villain Patrice. Notably, the Yan’an elevated road, with its mesmerizing blue neon lights, served as a particularly striking setting for these sequences, adding to the visual spectacle of the film.

5. Who drove the Mercedes-Benz S 300 during the filming of SkyFall?

During the filming of SkyFall, the Mercedes-Benz S 300 was primarily driven by the stunt drivers and the second unit crew. As the chase scenes focused on capturing the dynamic action and precise maneuvers of the vehicle, professional drivers with extensive experience in handling high-performance cars were responsible for operating the S 300. Although Daniel Craig, the actor portraying James Bond, was not present during the Shanghai chase scenes, his character’s presence was seamlessly integrated into the film through clever editing and storytelling techniques.

6. How does the Mercedes-Benz S 300 contribute to James Bond’s image as a spy?

The Mercedes-Benz S 300 contributes significantly to James Bond’s image as a sophisticated and suave spy. As an iconic character known for his impeccable taste and refined lifestyle, Bond’s choice of a luxury vehicle aligns with his reputation as a discerning connoisseur of fine things. The S 300’s sleek design, advanced technology, and powerful performance reflect the character’s confidence, style, and ability to effortlessly handle any situation. This car becomes an extension of Bond’s personality and reinforces his status as a legendary spy.

7. Can you provide more information about the filming location in London where the Mercedes-Benz S 300 scenes were shot?

The scenes featuring the Mercedes-Benz S 300 in London were filmed at the Heron building in central London. This location provided a dramatic backdrop for Bond’s moments of action and intrigue. The Heron building, with its modern architecture and prominent presence in London’s skyline, added a sense of grandeur and sophistication to the film. Its iconic design perfectly complemented the sleek and stylish appearance of the Mercedes-Benz S 300, creating a visually captivating experience for viewers.

8. Was the Mercedes-Benz S 300 customized specifically for SkyFall?

While the Mercedes-Benz S 300 in SkyFall might have undergone some customization for the film, the overall design and features of the car align with the standard model offered by Mercedes-Benz. The modifications made were likely done to enhance the car’s on-screen presence and ensure it fit seamlessly into the thrilling chase sequences. However, the essence of the S 300 remained intact, showcasing the elegance, performance, and luxury that define the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

9. Are there any other notable vehicles featured in SkyFall alongside the Mercedes-Benz S 300?

Yes, SkyFall showcases several notable vehicles alongside the Mercedes-Benz S 300. One of the most memorable is the Aston Martin DB5, an iconic car closely associated with the James Bond franchise. The Aston Martin DB5 makes a triumphant return in SkyFall and adds to the film’s nostalgic charm and connection to Bond’s legacy. Additionally, various other vehicles, including motorcycles and helicopters, contribute to the high-octane action and showcase the diverse transportation options utilized in the movie.

10. Did the Mercedes-Benz S 300 make subsequent appearances in other James Bond films?

The Mercedes-Benz S 300, specifically as featured in SkyFall, did not make subsequent appearances in other James Bond films. Each installment of the franchise typically introduces new vehicles to align with the evolving style and preferences of the character. However, the Mercedes-Benz brand has had a long-standing association with the Bond series, and other models from the Mercedes-Benz lineup have made appearances in different movies. These vehicles continue to exemplify the sophistication and performance synonymous with both the James Bond character and the Mercedes-Benz brand.


The inclusion of the Mercedes-Benz S 300 in SkyFall enhances the captivating world of James Bond, infusing it with elegance, luxury, and heart-pounding action. As Bond races through the streets of Shanghai and maneuvers through London’s architectural wonders, the S 300 serves as a symbol of his impeccable taste and refined lifestyle. The allure of this flagship model, combined with the film’s stunning visuals and exhilarating chase scenes, creates an unforgettable cinematic experience. The Mercedes-Benz S 300 cements its place in the iconic legacy of Bond cars, leaving an indelible impression on fans and solidifying its status as a powerful and stylish addition to the franchise. So sit back, buckle up, and prepare to be transported into the world of glamour, espionage, and the remarkable Mercedes-Benz S 300.

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