Next James Bond Casting Update: Three-Way Battle for the New 007 Star, Tom Hardy Not in the Lead

The journey to determine the next James Bond has been a challenging one for Tom Hardy, who continues to lose ground in the ever-shifting landscape of Bond contenders. As the race intensifies, three prominent stars have emerged as frontrunners in the quest for the coveted 007 role.

UPDATE: A fresh set of odds has significantly altered the leading candidate for the role of 007 – read more about this British star below.

After Daniel Craig’s successful tenure as James Bond, which spanned five films over 15 years, the question remains: who will be the next actor to step into the iconic role?

It is likely that the producers of the Bond franchise, Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson, will not provide an official update on the casting for another year or so. In the meantime, Bond enthusiasts rely on the odds to gauge the chances of their favorite contenders wearing the legendary tuxedo.

A recent revision of the Bond odds, released earlier this week, has left some of the UK’s beloved actors trailing behind, while three prominent names surge ahead in the race. Unfortunately for one of the prominent figures in the running, Tom Hardy, this means his leading position has slipped away.

Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy

Taking the third spot in the Ladbrokes Bond odds is Henry Cavill, who boasts an impressive 3/1 chance of becoming the new and improved James Bond.

Is Henry Cavill Qualified to Be the Next James Bond?
Is Henry Cavill Qualified to Be the Next James Bond?

British heartthrob Cavill previously auditioned for the role of Bond in 2005 but was ultimately passed over in favor of Craig. This opportunity could potentially serve as his redemption arc, although he has, in the past, downplayed the rumors surrounding his potential casting as the next 007, suggesting that he might not have a strong desire for it.

Slightly ahead of him is BBC icon James Norton, whose fame experienced a surge thanks to his role in the television series “Happy Valley.” Norton has a remarkable 5/2 chance of becoming the new 007, positioning him in second place in the overall Ladbrokes odds.

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James Norton
James Norton

Yet, neither Cavill nor Norton currently outpaces the frontrunner in this competitive race.


FAQ: The Next James Bond Casting Race

1. Is Tom Hardy completely out of the running for the next James Bond role?

While Tom Hardy has faced some challenges in the evolving landscape of James Bond casting, he’s not entirely out of the running. The recent shift in Bond odds does indicate increased competition, but it’s important to remember that casting decisions can be influenced by various factors beyond odds. Hardy’s established acting career and undeniable talent still make him a contender. However, he faces stiff competition from other strong candidates like Henry Cavill and James Norton.

2. What makes Henry Cavill a potential candidate for James Bond?

Henry Cavill brings several qualities that make him a compelling choice for James Bond. His suave and sophisticated demeanor, coupled with his action-oriented roles, including Superman in the DC Extended Universe, have showcased his ability to handle iconic characters. Additionally, his previous audition for the role in 2005 and his extensive acting experience position him as a credible contender. Cavill’s charisma and physicality align well with the Bond persona, making him a formidable candidate for the role.

3. Can James Norton transition from his television success to the big screen as James Bond?

James Norton’s recent surge in fame, largely due to his role in the TV series “Happy Valley,” has undoubtedly put him on the radar as a potential James Bond candidate. His ability to capture audiences with his on-screen presence and acting prowess is evident. While transitioning from television to film can be a challenge, Norton’s talent and increasing recognition suggest that he has the potential to make a seamless leap into the world of James Bond, given the right opportunity.

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4. How do casting odds work, and do they accurately predict the next James Bond actor?

Casting odds are based on a combination of factors, including industry insights, public sentiment, and bookmakers’ assessments. While they provide a rough estimate of who might be the next James Bond, they are not foolproof predictors. Casting decisions often involve complex negotiations, creative considerations, and the producers’ vision for the character. Therefore, while odds can give us a sense of who is favored by the public and bookies at a particular moment, they do not guarantee the final casting choice.

5. What other actors are being considered for the role of James Bond?

Apart from Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill, and James Norton, there may be several other actors under consideration for the coveted role of James Bond. However, the official casting process is typically kept confidential until a decision is made. Potential candidates can include both established stars and rising talents, making it a dynamic and competitive selection process.

6. When can we expect an official announcement about the next James Bond actor?

Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson, the producers of the Bond franchise, have traditionally been tight-lipped about casting decisions until they are ready to make an official announcement. It’s reasonable to anticipate that we may not receive concrete information about the next James Bond actor for at least another year or so. The secrecy surrounding Bond casting is part of the franchise’s mystique and marketing strategy.

7. What qualities are the Bond producers looking for in the next James Bond?

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The producers of the Bond franchise are likely seeking an actor who can embody the essence of James Bond: charisma, charm, sophistication, and the ability to handle action-packed scenes. Additionally, the actor must bring a fresh perspective while staying true to the iconic character’s legacy. A balance between traditional Bond qualities and a modern sensibility is crucial in the casting process.

8. How much influence do fan opinions have on the casting of James Bond?

While fan opinions and desires certainly play a role in generating buzz and interest around potential Bond actors, casting decisions are primarily influenced by creative and business considerations. Producers aim to find an actor who can both resonate with existing fans and attract new audiences, but the final decision is based on a broader range of factors.

9. Have any actors declined the role of James Bond in the past?

Over the years, several actors have been rumored to have been considered for James Bond but ultimately declined the role. Sean Connery, for example, stepped away from Bond after “Diamonds Are Forever” but later returned. Actors like Hugh Jackman and Hugh Grant have also been associated with the role but chose not to pursue it. These decisions are often influenced by career choices, contract obligations, or personal preferences.

10. What can we expect from the future of the James Bond franchise?

The future of the James Bond franchise promises to be dynamic and exciting. With the casting of a new Bond, the series will likely continue to evolve while staying true to its iconic elements. Audiences can anticipate fresh storylines, thrilling action sequences, and, of course, the timeless allure of James Bond. The franchise remains a cinematic institution that continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

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