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A Bond Gadgets Classic

In the realm of James Bond’s iconic gadgets, the Seiko TV watch holds a special place. Introduced in the 1983 film “Octopussy,” this timepiece became synonymous with Bond’s technological prowess and captured the imagination of audiences worldwide. With its built-in TV screen and cutting-edge features, the Seiko TV watch exemplified the perfect blend of horology and innovation. In this article, we delve into the details of this legendary gadget, exploring its role in the film, specifications, collectibility, and its enduring legacy in the world of Bond memorabilia.

Key Takeaways

  • The Seiko TV watch, featured in “Octopussy,” was the first watch with a built-in TV screen, making it a groundbreaking gadget.
  • It played a significant role in the film, aiding Bond in monitoring the situation during a critical attack scene.
  • The watch was released in 1982 in Japan and later in the United States in 1983, with a retail price of $495.
  • Finding a complete set of the Seiko TV watch today can be challenging, and prices for these collectibles have been steadily rising.
  • The watch’s appearance in “Octopussy” and its association with the Bond franchise have contributed to its enduring popularity among fans and collectors.

The Seiko TV Watch in “Octopussy”

In “Octopussy,” James Bond encounters the Seiko TV watch in Q’s laboratory while in India. Following a demonstration of a tracking device on his Seiko G757 Sports watch, Bond’s curiosity is piqued by the new gadget.

Bond (007): What’s that? Q: Oh, that’s the latest Liquid Crystal TV.

Bond’s attention is immediately drawn to the watch’s capabilities, and he playfully zooms in on the bosom of one of the women in the lab, remarking, “Perfect image, Q.” Although the top and bottom of the watch case remain obscured during the scene, the watch receives a close-up, revealing its intriguing features.

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Seiko TV Watch octopussy
Seiko TV Watch octopussy

Later in the film’s climax, Bond and Q arrive at Kamal’s Palace in a hot air balloon, with Bond sporting the Seiko TV watch on his wrist. This gadget becomes crucial as it receives live footage from cameras mounted on the balloon, controlled by Q. Bond can monitor the situation and stay one step ahead during the daring attack.

Seiko TV Watch: Specifications and Availability

The Seiko TV watch, introduced in 1982, boasted a 1.2-inch liquid crystal display screen incorporated into a standard digital watch. Initially released in Japan for 108,000 Yen (approximately $425 at the time), it reached the United States in September 1983, with a suggested retail price of $495.

Seiko TV Watch octopussy
Seiko TV Watch octopussy

This innovative timepiece allowed users to access UHF and VHF channels through an external receiver. The watch connected to the receiver via a cable and connector, enabling TV viewing on the go.

Model Numbers

Various model numbers were associated with the Seiko TV watch. The first Japanese model number was DXA001, followed by the DXA002, which featured a slightly different case design and earphone. In the United States, the models were labeled T001-5000, distinguished by silver packaging and a receiver pouch. The subsequent release, T001-5019, came in gold packaging with a matching pouch.

Completing the Set

A complete set of the Seiko TV watch consisted of the watch itself, the receiver (resembling a large black box akin to a pocket radio), and a separate headset. Finding a complete set today can be challenging, and prices for these sought-after Bond memorabilia items have been steadily rising on platforms like eBay.

It is worth noting that the Seiko TV watch featured in the film differs slightly from the models available for sale. It is likely that the watch used in the movie was a prototype, as it exhibits distinct variations in case shape, text beneath the digital screen, debossed SEIKO logo placement, and the connector design for the tuner.

Legacy and Collectibility

The Seiko TV watch’s appearance in “Octopussy” contributed to its enduring popularity among James Bond enthusiasts and watch collectors alike. Its unique blend of horology and cutting-edge technology made it a true embodiment of Bond’s iconic gadgets.

In the closing credits of the film, “Seiko Time (UK) Ltd.” is mentioned as one of the partners involved in its production, further cementing the watch’s significance within the Bond franchise.

Today, acquiring an exact replica of the Seiko TV watch from the movie is nearly impossible due to its prototype nature. However, the desire to own a piece of Bond’s horological history has driven the prices of vintage Seiko TV watches, as well as other Bond-associated Seiko timepieces, to soar.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes the Seiko TV watch unique compared to other watches?

The Seiko TV watch stands out from conventional timepieces due to its groundbreaking feature: a built-in TV screen. Unlike traditional watches that solely display time, the Seiko TV watch allowed users to tune into UHF and VHF channels, providing on-the-go entertainment. This innovative integration of television technology into a wristwatch was a pioneering achievement, making it a standout gadget in the world of horology.

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2. Can the Seiko TV watch receive all TV channels?

The Seiko TV watch, when connected to an external receiver via cable and connector, had the capability to receive all UHF and VHF channels available in the respective region. This allowed users to enjoy a wide range of television content on the go. However, it’s important to note that the specific availability of channels depended on the coverage and broadcasting infrastructure in the area where the watch was being used.

3. How much did the Seiko TV watch cost when it was released?

The Seiko TV watch was initially released in Japan in 1982, retailing for 108,000 Yen (approximately $425 at the time). It later made its way to the United States in September 1983, with a suggested retail price of $495. Considering the groundbreaking technology integrated into the timepiece and its association with the iconic James Bond franchise, the Seiko TV watch was positioned as a premium offering, catering to watch enthusiasts and fans of the secret agent alike.

4. Is it possible to find a complete set of the Seiko TV watch today?

Finding a complete set of the Seiko TV watch today can be a challenge. A complete set typically includes the watch itself, the external receiver, and a separate headset. Due to its rarity and collectible nature, complete sets are increasingly difficult to come by. However, platforms like eBay may occasionally offer Seiko TV watches for sale, although they tend to be quite expensive. Collectors and James Bond enthusiasts who are determined to acquire a complete set may need to be patient and persistent in their search.

5. Are the Seiko TV watches used in the movie the same as the ones available for purchase?

The Seiko TV watch featured in “Octopussy” may differ slightly from the models available for sale. It is speculated that the watch used in the film was a prototype, showcasing variations in case shape, text beneath the digital screen, debossed logo placement, and the connector design for the tuner. Therefore, it is unlikely to find an exact replica of the movie version of the Seiko TV watch. However, the commercial models still retain the distinctive TV functionality and hold their own significance in the realm of Bond collectibles.

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6. What is the significance of the Seiko TV watch’s appearance in “Octopussy”?

The Seiko TV watch’s appearance in “Octopussy” contributed to its enduring popularity and elevated its status as a coveted Bond gadget. In the film, the watch played a vital role, aiding Bond in his mission with its live video feed capabilities. The exposure in the movie heightened the watch’s desirability among fans and collectors, solidifying its place as a beloved piece of James Bond memorabilia.

7. Did Seiko collaborate with the production of “Octopussy”?

In the closing credits of the film, “Seiko Time (UK) Ltd.” is mentioned as one of the partners involved in the production of “Octopussy.” This collaboration highlights Seiko’s association with the Bond franchise and their contribution to the creation of the iconic Seiko TV watch. The partnership between Seiko and the film further enhances the watch’s authenticity and reinforces its place in the Bond universe.

8. Are there other Bond-associated Seiko watches?

Yes, apart from the Seiko TV watch, the James Bond franchise featured various other Seiko timepieces. These watches, often associated with different Bond actors, captured the imagination of fans and collectors. Notable examples include the Seiko G757 Sports watch, which Bond uses a tracking device on in “Octopussy,” and the Seiko M354 Memory Bank Calendar watch, worn by Bond in “A View to a Kill.” Each of these watches carries its own unique appeal and adds to the diverse range of Bond-related Seiko timepieces.

9. How has the popularity and value of Seiko TV watches evolved over time?

Over the years, the popularity and value of Seiko TV watches, including the iconic model featured in “Octopussy,” have steadily increased. As the Bond franchise continues to captivate audiences, the demand for Bond-related memorabilia, including watches, has grown significantly. Collectors and enthusiasts seek out these unique timepieces, leading to rising prices for vintage Seiko TV watches. The combination of their technological innovation, association with James Bond, and limited availability contributes to their status as highly sought-after collectibles.

10. Can I still find Seiko TV watches for sale?

While finding Seiko TV watches for sale can be challenging, platforms like eBay occasionally offer these timepieces. However, due to their collectible nature, the prices for Seiko TV watches have been steadily increasing. As demand surpasses supply, acquiring a Seiko TV watch may require some patience and careful consideration. Prospective buyers should research reputable sellers, scrutinize product descriptions and photographs, and be prepared to invest in these unique and iconic pieces of horological history.


The Seiko TV watch’s appearance in “Octopussy” cemented its status as an iconic Bond gadget, captivating audiences with its cutting-edge technology. This timepiece symbolized the ingenuity and sophistication of James Bond’s arsenal, adding a touch of futuristic charm to his adventures. Today, the Seiko TV watch remains a highly sought-after collectible, cherished by watch enthusiasts and Bond fans alike.

With its distinctive design and the allure of a built-in TV screen, the Seiko TV watch continues to hold a special place in the hearts of fans who appreciate the fusion of horology and innovative technology. As time goes on, its rarity and significance within the Bond franchise only increase its desirability. Whether as a piece of memorabilia or a testament to the legacy of James Bond, the Seiko TV watch stands as a testament to the enduring allure of 007 and his timeless gadgets.

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