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007: Road To A Million

Prime Video's Thrilling New Adventure Competition

The world of espionage and thrilling adventures is set to expand with the imminent launch of the new competition show, “007: Road to a Million”, exclusively on Prime Video. For James Bond enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies alike, this show promises to be the perfect blend of adventure, challenge, and suspense.

A Sneak Peek into the Action

In celebration of James Bond Day on October 5th, the inaugural trailer for “007: Road to a Million” was unveiled to the public, setting the stage for its grand premiere on November 10, 2023. With glimpses of action-packed sequences, dramatic moments, and a tantalizing race for a £1 million prize, the trailer has already generated significant buzz.

The Game’s Blueprint

Picture yourself, partnered with a fellow adventurer, traversing the globe, facing challenges inspired by the James Bond universe, all for a shot at winning a whopping one million pounds. That’s precisely the proposition this show offers. Nine contestant pairs embark on this quest, attempting to secure the life-changing sum by completing a series of Bond-inspired challenges across diverse global locations. Their progress is determined by answering ten meticulously crafted questions, masterminded by “The Controller”, a character brought to life by the acclaimed actor, Brian Cox. With each correct response, teams inch closer to the grand prize. However, one misstep could spell the end of their journey.

Brian Cox
Brian Cox

Epic Locales Await

The show promises to transport viewers and contestants alike to breathtaking locales inspired by 007’s iconic travels. From the rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands and the stark isolation of Chile’s Atacama Desert to the towering grandeur of the Swiss Alps and the romantic canals of Venice, each location serves as a dramatic backdrop. Here, contestants face nerve-wracking physical obstacles and challenging missions, with successful completion propelling them to the subsequent stages and bringing them a step closer to the coveted £1 million prize.

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A Global Phenomenon

“007: Road to a Million” isn’t just a show for a localized audience. It’s set to air in over 240 countries worldwide, underscoring its massive appeal. This global spectacle is the result of a unique collaboration among industry giants: Amazon Studios, EON Productions, 72 Films, and MGM Television.

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Amazon Studios
Amazon Studios

Join the Adventure

For those intrigued by the show and keen on participating in its second series, the door is wide open. Interested individuals can click here to apply. However, a few prerequisites apply: contestants must be aged 18 or over, and UK residency is mandatory. The deadline for applications is looming, set for October 31, 2023. For a comprehensive understanding of the terms and conditions, aspirants should refer to the application form.

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